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July 27 2007

(SPOILER) Astonishing X-Men #22 covers revealed. The first one is very good indeed. This issue will be out on August 22nd.

And the new team for Astonishing X-Men should be announced at Comic Con this weekend.

Holy damn --

- First cynical thought: If they are going to have an awesome Cyclops cover, of course they have to have a Wolverine variant because everyone knows Wolverine is cooler (eye roll)

- Second, totally not cynical thought: OH MY GOD, I CLEARLY NEED TO BUY BOTH OF THOSE! (Because, you know, I want to be one of the cool kids who is all, "Oooh, more Wolverine. . .how rare and special." And, in actuality, my inner fangirl is going 'awesome awesome awesome.')

- Final, woeful thought, AUGUST 22! I hope that they stick to that date. And if they do announce a new creative team, maybe the issues will speed up.
Hmm. Scott floating in space? What is splattered on his clothes? Worries. At least he's wearing the latest John Cassaday designer viser.

Another delay? :(

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