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July 27 2007

Official Serenity movie site gets a makeover. With the Collector's Edition DVD coming on August 21st, the site gets updated accordingly. There's several "all new behind-the-scenes clips" to be viewed plus the new trailer as well.

That image on the left would have made an awesome dvd cover.
I Agree with MichaelH. Especially with this more brownish tone to the image, which actually resemble the International Movie Posters, (but when it became the image for the international dvd releases, they went to either to a blue or red tone for the cover).
Tee-hee, the page says Alan Tudyk played "Walsh". Does this mean our beloved Wash didn't die??? :-)
That trailer is so very very awesome.

...I may have something in my eye, excuse me...
I thought the 'join the browncoats' link went to after they shut down last year. :( It certainly doesn't anymore...
Our beloved Nathan, hamming-it-up...who would have thought? I love the behind-the-scenes stuff. Keep it coming, Joss.

Whoo - hoo!
Funky. And shiny too, obviously.

I have to agree that the image on the left would be an excellent choice for a DVD cover. Or a wallpaper, at least. River looking both hot and dangerous is always a good thing.
Is the commentary the only new thing if one already has R1 and R4 releases of Serenity? I'm trying to resist... you know, until Universal stops being the only studio releasing exclusively on HD DVD (that was a shout out to those of you involved in the Blu Ray/HD DVD thread on flickr).
"Jesus Christ, he's been drinkin' again, Gina!"

Yes, I am stoked for this.
Is the commentary the only new thing if one already has R1 and R4 releases of Serenity?

Session 416 and Sci Fi Inside: Serenity are not on either of those releases.

And I don't think they ever updated the Flash version of the site to point to -- or at least I recall a point at which people had noticed that the HTML version linked there but the Flash didn't.
Right you are b!X-o-matic, the R4 stuff was:

# A Filmmakers Journey - Journey with Joss from Script to Screen (exclusive to Australian DVD)
# Joss Whedon Q&A Session - Filmed at Fox Studios in Sydney (exclusive to Australian DVD)
# Extended Scenes (exclusive to Australian DVD)
# Take a Walk on Serenity - Cast and Crew take us on a special tour of the Serenity ship (exclusive to Australian DVD)
# The Green Clan - Expose on Cinematographer Jack Green and his team (exclusive to Australian DVD)
I can't wait!!!! I love new Serenity stuff - even if it's just the movie again... Keep making more available... I'd triple dip this DVD if they want to add more later... I'm weak - what can I say!

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