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July 27 2007

Marti Noxon talks Buffy season 8. Find out who she'd bring back if she were writing for the comic books. There's also some talk about her new show 'Private Practice".

hmmm ... link's not working for me :(
I think it's the site -- when I looked up 'if magazine' on google, I got the same error. It'll probably work later on.
worked for me 2 hours ago - now it doesn't. I guess it will be back soon.
Nice interview, but the focus was on her new show, not the Buffy comics.
Love Marti Noxon. Hate, hate and hate hospital dramas.

Nice to know she is working but it's a shame that I won't get to appreciate her work at the moment.
I am totally down with bringing Oz back. In any way possible.
Well, she would bring back Tara AND Oz. It would become a totally different comic but I'd like to see it.
Maybe one day we can have a Buffy Elseworlds comic book.
Bring back Tara and Oz?! As long as Tara is safe and happy in Willow's arms, I'm tickled tie-dyed pink.

Okay, I think I'm in love with Marti Noxon. :)

Shame it never got to happen on screen, I would love if it happened in the 2d Buffyverse.

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