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July 27 2007

Matt Roush discusses Mad Men. The new show featuring Vincent Kartheiser and Christina Hendricks gets some very positive comments in this week's Ask Matt. Joss gets a mention too.

Mad Men is really quite good (as is the terrific Damages on FX, at least based upon its premiere episode), and I'm happy to see it get praise. I think VK and CH are in a hit vehicle.

Regarding Saving Grace, which is also mentioned, and which has an upcoming guest spot by JM -- I'm not certain I can hold out until his episode airs. I really like Holly Hunter, and she's certainly the best thing about this show, but I had some serious reservations about the premiere episode otherwise. I'm willing to give it another chance or two, but it's definitely not another Closer for TNT.
Ah, I forgot Damages premiered this week. (But assures me I can catch it tomorrow). Thanks palehorse!
I caught the first two episodes of Mad Men last night, and wow. This is going to be a truly excellent show.
I'm loving Mad Men. LOVING.IT.
See, Younglings, I'm old enough to remember when plastic dry cleaner bags didn't have all of those warnings on 'em. I'm also old enough to remember when cars had no seat belts.
I also when people used to smoke EVERYWHERE: at the movie theatres, in department the waiting room at the doctor's office.
It's almost shocking to see people sitting in offices, sitting in restaurants eating, and lighting up. Shocking? No. It's almost surreal.
Hell, they don't even smoke everywhere in Vegas anymore!
Anyway, the show's great, and Christina Hendricks is wonderful.
And her costumes? Ohmygawd, she rocks that time period.
(Holy god. If I was gay? I'd want to be all up in that.)
Rock those womanly curves, girl!

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