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July 27 2007

(SPOILER) TV Guide talks with Teri Hatcher, gets scoop on Nathan's role. Teri Hatcher describes her first scene with Nathan. If you don't want to know anything about Nathan's character or the arc of the next season of Desperate Housewives, this would be a spoiler for you.

Ever the gynecologist, our Captain. /sigh. Where are these gorgeous young doctors I keep seeing on the TV and at the movies? I've gotta look for a new practice. (Though, on second thought, I think a hot gynecologist could just be... confusing.)
So conflicted about this development. On the one hand, great for Nathan. A main character on such a popular series has got to be great for his career and we all know that he deserves the recognition.

On the other hand, I hate the show. I've really tried to get the appeal of it but it is completely lost on me. It's just really, really boring. I haven't been able to develop any interest in the story or any emotional connection to the characters at all. Just not for me, I guess.

So, really glad for Nathan but with just a little bit of regret that his current series is one that I won't be following. Damn Fox for cancelling Drive. That was a show I could have enjoyed.
I hear you, Kurse. These days, however, I'm on the "anything to raise his profile" bandwagon. More mainstream show >> more mainstream attention >> more offers all-around >> more things for Nathan to choose from >> more chances for us to enjoy his work all regular-like. Dig.
Where are these gorgeous young doctors I keep seeing on the TV and at the movies?

Still on the tv/at the movies, and if I ever drive you a medical appointment of any kind and see Fillion hanging around, we'll have to have words :)
I do so wish he were joining some other show I could actually stand to watch... sigh. But I'm happy for him having the gig!

[ETA: Okay, posted this late and now it's not particularly original!]

(As to the side topic, barest_smidgen, I ALWAYS, as a straight woman, make sure to have a female gynecologist. As someone with a tendency towards crushes on doctors, it's definitely required. Not to mention I prefer a doctor who has some idea of what the body parts she's dealing with feel like from the owner's point-of-view...)

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How fantastic--he has a role on a show that is almost guaranteed to not be unexpectedly canceled! What's not so great is that I don't care for the show and gave up on it in the first season. Maybe I could record it and skip to the Nathan scenes.

Here's hoping he gets well-deserved attention of the "we are going to pay you bucketloads of cash to appear in this movie with an excellent script and director" kind and not so much of the "Housewives' newest hot hunk!". Not that he's not, you know, a handsome, handsome man, but I would think he's an actor and a seemingly decent guy who doesn't deserve the crap that goes with being a celebrity these days.

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I think his appeal is that he does not look like Brad Pitt, thank goodness. He's got an everyman kind of appeal that makes it actually FEASIBLE that there are men out there, making it much more wonderful to watch him in fiction-land.
Great, now he's going to be typecast as a vagina doctor for the rest of his career.
Having a job on Desperate Housewives increases the exposure Nathan will have.
I think it's Nathan's everyman quality that will keep him from being typecast. There are many roles that he is capable of and as his career advances directors and writers will think of him for those roles.
I am so hoping that he will be able to work in little Mal-isms into his dialogue. Just a word here and there. I'll be happy.
Is it worse to be typecast as a gynecologist or as a Catholic father who isn't wishing people good tidings and thoughts (Buffy, Pasadena)?
I gave up DH a looooong time ago. But won't it be fun having Nathan sharing a scene with Richard Burgi, again.
White Light 2, just opened over here today, I should've spent a few bucks supporting Nathan's (and Katee) work, instead of wasting money on Transformers (argh, that was painful, and the neat special effects didn't even help).
Waitress still in theaters! 13 weeks USA! Nathan's first role as an OBYGN.

International Release getting ready to start.

UK 10 August 2007
Australia 30 August 2007
New Zealand 30 August 2007
Belgium 5 September 2007
France 5 September 2007
Italy 21 September 2007
Russia 27 September 2007
Norway 28 September 2007
Japan 17 November 2007

Question for anybody who already watches the show Desperate Housewives, is there a possibility of Caleb showing up? Are there murders on the show? The article mentions "dark and twisty".

Everybody should watch or tape it just to see if Nathan gets to slip in some Firefly/Serenity/SLiTHER references.

Like in Waitress...Not a Pardy...and...what I do.

I hope the DH camera people give Nathan a camera like they did in Firefly and SLiTHER.
It is very possible for Nathan's role to be Caleb-like. Half the people on the show have murdered someone. DH is a very enjoyable show even if it is populist and not high-brow. I don't really understand the rancor, but understand that it may not be everyone's cup of tea. If you can't say something nice...

Luckily for Nathan, millions upon millions of people do enjoy this top twenty show. Anything is better than the paltry 6 million that watched Drive (which was by no means Minear's best show, not even close).

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I don't enjoy Desperate Housewives, though I'll probably watch it for Nathan. But the biggest problem I'm having with this whole thing is the use of the initials "DH." I need a different shorthand. For me, DH = Dark Horse, and reading some of these comments is just confusing!

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