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July 27 2007

New Runaways creative team announced. From #31, they are Terry Moore and Humberto Ramos.

Terry Moore (who is also Marvel-exclusive for one year as of today) is known best for his long-running book STRANGERS IN PARADISE, and was recently announced as the new writer of SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE. Humberto Ramos for his work on IMPULSE, CRIMSON, SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, REVELATIONS and X-MEN. Ramos also drew the four bookend pages of RUNAWAYS SAGA.

No word on whether Moore has spoken to Joss or BKV about it. Personally I think they're both excellent choices and as a Runaways fan I couldn't be more delighted!

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Well, that should be pretty sweet :) SIP is dead, long live SIP, etc.
...SIP is dead? Augh, I'm so far behind. (Like, the first three trades is all I have kind of behind.) Waaaaail.

Runaways and Moore will be a wonderful, wonderful combination, no doubt.
I've never read anything by Terry Moore, but, Humberto Ramos' art turns me right off.
Personal preference: Joss writing, Terry Moore drawing. But this is good, too.
This news is freaking awesome. I'm so excited.
The new creative team on Astonishing X-Men has been announced.

Warren Ellis as writer.

Simone Bianchi on art
Terry Moore is a good fit for diehard comic fans who want quality, and hopefully the great writing will continue to attract new readers... However, I just do not like Humberto's style of art. He is exceptionally talented, but since I am not an artist, I struggle with some non-trad artists (Tim Sale) and Ramos is one of them.
This will be a nice direction for the kids, methinks. I wish the art was going to be a little more realistic, but hopefully the story can guide us through that.
I'm not into Humberto Ramos' cartoony style. I wish Michael Ryan was sticking with the series, because his work has been beautiful!

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