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July 27 2007

The Guild by Felicia Day. Felicia Day posts a funny new video to YouTube.

And I finally got a post!

Well done Alex!

And that's an iiiinteresting litle series start too. I know people I should send the link to... if they ever surface from WoW...
Very nice.

Congrats, Alex as well.

Does anyone else think that casting Christina Hendricks and Felicia Day as relatives would be interesting and physically believable?

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Does anyone else think that casting Christina Hendricks and Felicia Day as relatives would be interesting and physically believable?

Totally...but I think it would blow a lotta minds, newcj;)
They're both red-haired, they both like role-playing games and they've both been in Joss Whedon shows (obviously). In fact, Christina Hendricks was in an episode of Angel, so they've both been in Buffyverse shows.

They could play sisters -- Felicia could be the cute one and Christina could be the sultry one. :)
Excellent reminder of why Vi was always my favourite of the Potentials. Felicia Day is a great actress, very funny and too damn cute. Why is she not starring in a hit series right now? I can totally see her in Heroes.

Better yet, we need a Buffyverse spinoff show and Vi is a slayer now... You listening, Joss? ;)
Actually, she's in issue five!

Just on one page, though.

But she does get to smile at the camera while playing a wacky 50s sitcom housewife.

And how many of us can say we've done that?

... Not that I want to, you understand. Ahem.
Wow, that was fun.
If stuff like "The Guild" got greenlit for television, I might turn my television on again. It's been off for months... well, weeks... When was the Heroes season finale? I think that's the last time I used the thing.

Felicia Day didn't really stand out for me in Buffy Seven, but she shines golden in this series. Looking forward to future installments. Would be nice to see Christina Hendricks make an appearance in the series as a relative of Day's character, but then it's heaven to see her anywhere.

I wish Joss Whedon could pull out a camera and start making stuff like this for the web. Unfortunately there's that little thing about money. Without a sponsor of some sort he'd be giving away his valuable talent. One look at the Tam Sessions and you know that'd be off the hook, if he made a series like this for the web. Whether or not it'd be worth his time to do it is another thing.

I mean he's making comics, but that's because they're paying him (and he obviously loves it).

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