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July 28 2007

Whedon and Fillion Together Again? IGN TV talks to Nathan Fillion about a possible new collaboration with Joss Whedon.

Holy frak that's awesome.

Do I dare get my hopes up?

holy frak indeed.
Addendum to my blink:

Goners first, please. ;)
I hope this western script is actually just a trick to get someone to air some new firefly episodes under a new name.
My fervent myopia insists this must be a Serenity sequel. "Na-na-na-nah!" (Hands over ears. I don't want to hear anything different. "Na-na-na-na-nah!"

And quickly now, Summer is looking all grown up!
Fillion and Whedon yaoi manga set in the old west ftw!
OMG My heart just skipped a dozen beats. But hell, I'd watch Nathan read the phone book.
*Checks calendar to confirm it's not April 1st*
Wow, I don't even know what to say to this. Except that, if ever a news item were deserving of a Joss post...

hint, hint :D
Joss did mention some time ago that he had a "police procedural" on the backburner. Officer Tightpants?

There could be a song. Like "West Side Story".
Hopefully someone will ask and he will address the issue tomorrow at his comic con panel. I would ask, but I don't want to stand in the line to ask a question with all the other fans. I'm that lazy.
With the initial idea coming from Nathan, I'm betting something Maverick-y. Wouldn't that be fun? :) But yeah I'm with b!X -- Goners first gorramit!
No moons? But... there has to be one.
Will Joss have any sekrets left for said panel? Find out soon!
I don't even want to get my hopes up, but the awesomeness of those two men is, like, exponentially more awesome when combined! Yes, please! Any genre would be acceptable to me.
Oh, so much ass is being potentially kicked!
I'm damping down on the getting my hopes up thing.
Trying to be cool... but Joss and Nathan together!
There could be nothing better IMHO.
Been a while since we had a proper Joss rumour. Can't wait to see what comes of this.
Yeah, I'm with you Simon. Joss + Western + Nathan == a theatre ticket for me. If it happens.
Oh wow. Turns out Saturday's are full of (potentially) brilliant news, really think we should have them every day.

This would so utterly rock, i'm worried for the foundations. The thing with that Fillion fella is he could do a kind of 'Maverick' idea BUT he could also do an Ethan Edwards type of guy (we've kind of already seen him do it) and everyone in between (probably in the same film/series, hell, even the same scene) and still be convincing.

Hope the studios bite Big Purp and Big Potential-Purp and remember, do or do not, there is no try. Grab the suits by the scruff and make it so. Also, engage. And, err, let's see what's out there ... ?

edited cos post coffee it read a leetle Ming the Merciless "Do my bidding, Earthmen !"

[ edited by Saje on 2007-07-28 11:43 ]
As long as it's Joss, I'm there. Western, sci-fi or animated edutainment featuring jolly dolphins makes no difference.
Western eh? I bet it's got something to do with Jubal Early.
Djungelurban...I am now imagining Joss doing animated dolphins.

"Oh, we enjoy putting the humans through these tests. Aww, look, they feed us fish, really, it's sweet, it's very kind of them. They're all so cute and stupid and furry. Phase one of our plan is almost complete."

that would be so SHINY
Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion and a Western. I want it now.
Western hemisphere? Western continent? Western themed? Is the protagonist named West, and that itself is short for Western?

Is it California, 1847ish, where a man comes looking for work and isn't too harsh in judging what that work might be...?

Come on already, fill-me-in, Fillion! Tease.
I'm enjoying reading all your posts ALMOST as much as the promise of Joss-Nathan project.

I can see it now, Gunsmoke for the new millenium. Hmm, who will play Miss Kitty?
Given Joss' recent excited post on 3:10 to Yuma, may I suggest Alan T. as the villian? C'mon...can't you just picture him going toe to toe with Nathan? :D

But personally, I'm excited about even the mere prospect of Joss and Nathan working together again, regardless of the premise.
A Western...

in space?
Westerns in space are so 2002. (And 2005).
Sigh....Fillion delivering Whedon's writing....fuck ya.
Hurry it up! I hate the way these things take years to develop!
How about a weekly police procedural Western musical in space with a kickass female protagonist co-starring with Nathan, who plays a brooding vampire sheriff who also engraves comics as a hobby?

In my mind, I'm already watching it...
I dunno if space would be good or bad for vampires. On one hand, no need to breath so decompression wouldn't be an issue, on the other, the sun never sets so there's the bursting into flames thing. 6 and half-a-dozen I reckon.

But it would give me a chance to ask Joss a question i've always wanted answering, namely why does he write such strong space Western musical vampire Sheriff comic engravers ?
And, equally importantly, why don't other writers? Write 'em, I mean.

I guess Joss can't stop writing 'em until we don't have to ask that question any more. Or something like that.

Oh, and in space, no one hears you get dusted.
Unless you're allergic to feathers obviously (they'd hear the sneezes).

Apparently no-one can hear ice cream either though that's another thing i'd like to ask Joss about (since he wrote 'Alien: Resurrection' and is therefore an acknowledged expert). I mean, it's not a particularly noisy dessert on Earth either so why even mention it ?
...namely why does he write such strong space Western musical vampire Sheriff comic engravers ?

Ah, jeez, and I needed a good laugh today.
If Joss does a straight-up Western, it will most certainly be better than say, Silverado, Maverick, The Quick and the Dead or others of that ilk. Who knows if it'll be that Dean Martin movie, but I would hope for something that is genre-bending noirish. This is exciting to contemplate.
If wishes were horses . . . then Nathan would ride?
OMG!!! PONIES!!111!!!one! *head explodes*
The only thing that girls love more than horses are the cowboys that ride 'em. Cowgirl up! ;-)
Aggg... Mort want. Mort want beer. Mort want this more than beer. (Neanderthal western?)
Hey Mort!! Hand over that beer right now Mister!
I really want this to happen but more than beer? C'mon, we aren't talking Serenity 2 here, y'know. ;)
Screw the ponies ;) Save a horse, ride a cowboy (a scene featuring Nathan Fillion)! Okay, the former sentence is contradicted by the latter.

Oh, I love Westerns, love Joss, love Nathan--this would be a trifecta of salty goodness... Has Fox canceled it yet?
I think its meant to be a movie, so it cant be cancelled....except for getting caught in pre-production limbo..(not the good kind).
But but... there must be spaceships! And Moons! (And at least one companion!)
There will be spaceships and moons and companions. Sure, they might not actually be on film but they'll be there. Sure as the turnin' of worlds (which we also didn't see).
This needs to happen, and soon. BSG is about to toss the awesome torch to whoever wants it, and unless Lost really picks up its game next season, there's no one on TV with the cred to wield it.

TV Land needs you, boys!
Nathan can write scenes!?!?

I knew he could come up with a line that Mal would say when Joss asked him to.

I knew he could write an introduction to a comic book.

I knew he could write a children's book.

I knew he could write most popular myspace blogs.

But scenes. Didn't know that. whedonesque brings me the best stuff. Hey, haven't yet voted for them today. Goes to vote.
I'd say Lost picked up it's game about half the way through it's third season and then took the game, improved on it, blew it to pieces and made a whole new game for the final episode. No worries about season 4, for me. ;)

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