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"Oh my god. You teach ethics?"
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July 28 2007

Suzanne Brockmann confirms Dinner with Joss. Just ran across a reposting of Suzanne Brockmann's enewsletter that confirms she was the winner of 2 seats at dinner last night. (This was also confirmed more publicly on her site.) Details are in item #2, about halfway down the page.

More importantly, the enewsletter also details how the charity auction folks talked to her about auctioning off the chance to name a minor character in her next book, Walk into Fire. This isn't her first foray into charity auctions, including a silent auction that was held as part of a reader event last year, but hooking up with the eBay auction folks will hopefully expand her future offerings.

I can't wait to hear what she has to say about her dinner! :)

Great stuff.
I've seen a second person confirm it elsewhere. We'll no doubt do a special thread for Joss' big day later on.

I'll go out on a limb and predict the following announcements:

1) Some new project with Equality Now.
2) A definitive length for Buffy season 8
3) Buffy season 9 will get hinted
4) A couple of new writers for season 8 will come on board
5) Some Goners talk but the script is still being looked at by Universal
6) A new very special project at Dark Horse (not Sugarshock something else instead - let's call it Mutant Horse for now)

And finally:

7) The title of a 1971 Dean Martin western.

This is important. And will drive the fans wild.
Fine, Simon, be with the cryptic. I just did a wild goose chase on IMDb, with no clues revealed, when I should be asleep. I'll be driving home very late tomorrow night from San Diego, and if I crash from fatigue, you'll always have to wonder.

ETA: That came out wrong. Bad joke. I would probably still be up without your trail of crumbs, because I'm nervous, and can't seem to sleep. I didn't get a real happy vibe off the con today. Too crowded.

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"Something Big" dreamlogic.

I reckon there'll definitely be a couple of 'names' announced for 'Season 8' and i'm really hoping for an announcement of a totally new Joss title with new characters and universe for e.g. Dark Horse (or any of the other smaller, less risk averse publishers). OK, a new TV show is probably what i'm really hoping for but that may be a tad unrealistic.

(oh, and world peace I suppose though i'm willing to back-burner that if I need to clear some hope space ;)
i'm really hoping for an announcement of a totally new Joss title with new characters and universe for e.g. Dark Horse

Saje, isn't that Sugarshock?
Joss said dinner went like 4 hours.

Yes, I've just gotten here, and I've already met Joss.
Haw. Well done, bix. In the same room, too.

Fan meets Joss dressed as Kaylee. With umbrella. (Joss was not dressed as Kaylee, the fan was. Just to clarify the cross dressing sentence).

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I'm trying to the best of my pathetic technical ability to get my phone set up to where if there's a major announcement like "Buffy Animated is back up." I can post something like "ba iz go." Yet that level of mastery may elude me.

B!x, that's amazing!

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Saje, isn't that Sugarshock?

OK, should've said "that's longer than 3 issues". Yes, i'm greedy. This makes me evil in ways you puny non-apocalypse planning, un-greedy types could barely comprehend. Muhahahahahahhahah ... ha !

(also, I posted this before I read 'Sugarshock' and its thread. Still evil though)
Joss Whedon cut in line with us today at Comic-Con. And it was awesome. If only I could have worked up the courage to say anything.

ETA: Ha, gossi's link is what I was talking about! I wasn't dressed up as Kaylee though. I was standing behind her.

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Like "Excuse me, there is a queue you know !" ;-).
Haha, KernelM! This is a small interweb.
It's not just small, it's completely scale-free !

Ba dum dum.
Love the link Gossi. And love that they took a photograph of the big screen saying "Do NOT photograph this screen!"
Thanks Simon but that is such a small teaser of a comment. I want More!
Oh I want details about the dinner, and I am impressed B!x: you clearly wasted no time! Did you see Joss at the Browncoat table?
I haven't seen Joss yet, but I saw and did a lot of other awesome things yesterday, and I do hope to see Joss today (knock on wood).
Who else got to have dinner with Joss and why aren't they posting about it?
Did you see Joss at the Browncoat table?

No. I got into San Diego at like 1:30 AM Saturday morning. Cabbed to a hotel, and oddly, there he was hanging around outside.
Simon, thank you for posting the bits about Suzanne Brockman. As I was coming home from work yesterday in downtown San Diego, I did have the glimmer of a thought to make a detour to the Gaslamp Quarter and stake out a couple of restaurants, but being stalkerish is just not my thing. But oh the warm glow in my heart, to know that Joss was here in S.D. I smiled all evening wondering about the hijinks the dinner party might be up to.

And are you sure that Dean Martin Western is 1971? Or was that a red-herring, 'cause Five-Card Stud, 1968, remake with Nathan Fillion, would be very cool.
Hope to hear more. Sounds very exciting.

Joss needs to come to Dragon*Con. Like seriously.
ETA: Oooops - as usual, a day late and a dollar short... sorry for info repeat, all...

Here's a link to Suzanne Brockmann's first - brief - post after her dinner with Joss and Friends. As she says, she'll write longer, later. (It's possible that'll be either at her message board or her own website.)

Not surprising, but nonetheless great to hear: "You know how when you really, really love a celebrity, and then you meet him and... he's as wonderful and awesome as you thought he had to be?"

Reporting on this is my positive way of coping with my jealousy. *Grrrr*

(I didn't post this as its own thread, since Simon says we'll have another big, fat thread for Joss' day later and I didn't want us to have have a bunch of little threads as reports dribble in...)

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So bix, tell us how it went down.

What time is Joss's panel? Simon, we should probably have a specific post about Comic Con, eh? And because I'm so needy :) someone should be in charge of posting something...asap. cuz that's how needy I am. If this has all been planned already, forgive my high maintenancey.
"Something Big" dreamlogic.

And are you sure that Dean Martin Western is 1971?

*is chopped liver*

So bix, tell us how it went down.

I got off the plane. Cabbed to the Omni to meet my floorspace providers. Found them at the door... as well as the Dark Horse crew and Joss.

I introduced myself. He did a sort of double-take thing, and then explained how he had beaten up a couple of false b!Xes earlier.

I might have to write Alaska Air a thank you letter for the two hour delay.

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I highly recommend Something Big, it's such a good movie. Joss' panel is at 4.45pm PST from what I remember, a thread will be posted sometime shortly before that date.
This is my first post, and I'm as nervous as a schoolgirl ... about to stake her first vamp. Thanks for letting me into the club!
I was one of the high bidders, but I gave up at $10,000. For about $750, I did get the autographed Serenity poster and Joan Chen litho, plus something else Serenity related that hasn't arrived yet.
On another thread, there was a discussion about bidders being rich. I just wanted people to know that the bidders weren't all rich. I've got incurable cancer (and a great sense of humor about it). I'm living on disability and my retirement money. I can think of few causes better than Equality Now. Instead of leaving money to charity when I die, I thought it would be better to squander it on the auction. It's sort of like eating dessert first.
Welcome, Suzie - no need to be nervous. Post away to your heart's content.

It is a great cause. I wish you had been able to go to the dinner.

And I always want to eat dessert first.
Thanks, bix and Simon! Welcome, Suzie :)
Good on you, Suzie.
Welcome, Suzie, and glad you won!
I think it is important to know if what I read on the AXM/Ellis thread is true or not.

Ellis: I didn't want to spend time sweeping up after Joss. I mean, seriously, I've seen that guy eat.

Suzie, anyone who shares my love of eating dessert first really shouldn't be worrying about posting here. Obviously a lady of great intellect. Leaving dessert until last runs the risk of being too full to want to eat it. Why take that chance for the sake of a few vegetables? Prioritize, I say. ;)
Okay, now I am watching G4's TV coverage of ComicCon because I appear to be a Great Big Nerd-Dork of The Geek Kind. With bells on.
I can't believe I'm jealous of QG being able to watch TV nerd coverage of Comic Con. Oh, how the normal have fallen into geekiness!
I'm jealous of QG for that, too, cabri. Definitely tres dorky on my part.

Suzie, welcome. I'm sorry you didn't win a spot at the dinner, but I hope you enjoy the prizes you did win. Oh, and I also prefer to eat dessert first. (I always 'blamed' my mother who made us eat everything on our plate before we could have dessert!)
Awesome B!x, very awesome. Good timing as well. Thank you Alaskan Air.
So, does this mean dinner can actually consist of something besides dessert? Thanks for the revelation Suzie!

I seem to be slow on the uptake not only with regards to what constitutes the base of my food pyramid (apparently I got it wrong thinking it should be something like cake).
I also thought Simon referred to Dean Martin's El Capitano in reference to Mal as there was talk that Nathan Fillion has pitched an idea to Joss for a mutual project.

And now we hear the good news about writing a new horror movie with Drew Goddard! A Big Damned Thing alright!
I also thought Simon referred to Dean Martin's El Capitano in reference to Mal as there was talk that Nathan Fillion has pitched an idea to Joss for a mutual project.

Is that a 'nose' reference ? [/joke that only climbers will get mode] ;-)

And I thought dessert was all the food groups ? Jelly, ice cream, fruit and, err, plate ?
Your jealously is wasted, truly, Cab and sam, it was not all that exciting. Although the replay from yesterday did make me fall in love with Neil Gaiman. Just on principle. The principle that he's an awesome sweetie pie.

But most of it was the hosts not being terribly interesting, and snatched moments with execs (including Joel Silver) and celebs (Jessica Alba, Dane Cook) and very little in the way of actual comic news. There were some decent costume shots, but they were very quick. They wasted lots of time with booooring online polls and vid-shots of people asking questions from home...

There was talk with Zack Snyder about The Watchmen cast, confirmed in the Hollywood Reporter a few days ago as: Patrick Wilson: Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl, Jackie Earle Haley: Walter Kovacs/Rorschach, Billy Crudup: Dr. Manhattan, Matthew Goode:Adrian Veidt Ozymandias, Jeffrey Dean Morgan: the Comedian and Malin Akerman: Laurie Juspeczyk/Silk Spectre. That was pretty cool.

There do appear to be some interview vids online at

The only mention of Joss I noticed was a mention of Warren Ellis replacing him writing Astonishing X-men, although I swear to gods someone on something called "The Feed" mentioned him as being in the cast of something, but that may have been a hallucination on the part of either of us.

I'm now watching an animated show on G4 - something called "Code Monkeys" which I find pretty amusing... just in case you wanted to know...
Sorry for double-post, but just saw:

this post by MrsRon (Mrs. Ron Moore - Terry Moore) at the Scifi channel's BSG forum:

"Ron went to a dinner last night at the con, given by Frank Darabont. He sat next to Joss whedon and John Michael Strazintscki (spelling ?), both are huge fans of BSG. Had a great time.

You may find him wandering the floor today, before the BSG panel starts."

What does it mean? Did Joss eat two dinners last night? Is this The Dinner? If so, why was it given by Frank Darabont?

So many questions, so little info...
Hmmmm, I don't understand that either. Though if Joss had dinner with Frank Darabont, I would find that highly ironic.
Here's a brief Joss interview clip from at ComicCon - the interviewers are down on the floor, and Joss would appear to be in his hotel room... it's from before the dinner, but he's talking about it, Sugar Shock, and of course, auto maintenace.
Brockmann said she would post about the dinner when she starts her countdown (for her next novel). Upon investigating further, that's not until the 1st! :-(

I'm hoping she's either too excited to wait or her own fans persuade her to post it on her forum ahead of time.
Although the replay from yesterday did make me fall in love with Neil Gaiman. Just on principle. The principle that he's an awesome sweetie pie.

I could suggest that you be envious of me for having been at his panel. Maybe you should still be envious of me, since all that couldn't have been on TV anywhere. Still, I saw the panel on a big screen in the same room, sitting against the wall on the floor. I think that was before the fire marshals put the kibosh on that lining up on the walls deal they had going.

You know what, though? There was a similar moment to the "dance!" thing at Joss's panel in that when Neil took his jacket off, there were a lot of wolf whistles and similar noise, that obviously took him aback. Since when did writers become strippers? There was a whole strange vibe.
Since when did writers become strippers?

Hey, it gets pretty danged hot in those writing rooms. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole lot went commando during meetings, madly flinging double entendres while dodging steaming coffee dribbles.
Speaking of strippers ... Here's a cute post by author Heidi Betts ranting at Suzanne Brockmann's incredible luck.

OK, "strippers" may be stretching it a bit, but they aren't wearing a whole heck of a lot. O.o Romance writers! *rolls eyes*

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