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July 28 2007

Sands of Oblivion on Sci Fi US tonight. Reminder for all the US Whedonesquers that Adam Baldwin and Morena Baccarin's movie is on tonight, 9/8C.

Sci Fi is airing plenty of commercial reminders, too. (If one judges from the clips used - which is an iffy proposition, I realize - Adam seems to be in it a lot more than Morena.) And most of those commercials tell us "Serenity's Adam Baldwin and Morena Baccarin star." Shiny.
Ahhhhhh Morena ... on a screen far away while the rest of the world laments in their lonely loneliness without her effulgent image, if only the technology existed that they might see it too.

Oh well.
This is awful, but in a very funny way. It's just strange watching Morena and Adam play husband and wife.
I was a dutiful fan and watched the whole thing. The main good thing I can say is, it's great to see Morena and Adam on the screen again.
I probably couldn't think up a weirder plot, but it's always a pleasure to see Morena and Adam. And look, Coop from Charmed!
Plot? What is thing you call a plot?? I do not think that word means what you think it means!

But it was awful fine to see two BDH's on screen again. Course that 'Mark' dude needed to sooooo not be there. Just sayin'.
This was so bad that it bordered on the embarrassing. I, too, dutifully sat through the whole thing, but it was painful. And I actually thought the premise for the thing was rather interesting. I think a good film actually might have been made with the same premise. Too bad the script and directing were so deplorably bad. The main actors were so much better than the material. It was fun to see AB and MB together again, though, and I liked seeing George Kennedy again, too -- although what a waste.
That was just sad.
Ugh. I'm so depressed that I'll never get those two hours of my life back.
42 minutes was my limit, but I thought that MB and AB really shined above that crappy material, and made the most of their lines. But...yikes. How do these things get green-lighted? And I love Dan Castallaneta (sp?) but there were still shades of Krusty the Clown in Cecil B. DeMille's voice, which was too funny.

Oh well...looking forward to 'Chuck' and something better (wayyyy better) for Morena.
Well, Morena is a constant source of vicarious life energy regardless of what junk she appears in *g* (Relax Miss Baccarin; different continent ;)
Can I just say, based on the above comments, don't shoot the messenger! I just happened to check out the Sci Fi website that day, saw the movie advertised and thought it my duty as a supporter of all things remotely Whedon related to mention it here. I take no responsibility for quality of the product or for any hours of individual lives wasted.

Damn, I knew I should have put a disclaimer at the top of the thread. :D
I wouldn't worry. I sat through Amber's medieval movie (most of it), the fire creature movie with Nick (most of it) and now this one (most of it). No one makes me do anything I don't wish to do - I consider it support for actors I love.

Also, I keep hoping Sci-Fi's movies will improve. That must make me an optimist!

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