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July 28 2007

Comic Con Report on Chuck. Starting off with Zap2it, Chuck and Adam Baldwin, who unfortunately wasn't there, Chuck got a standing ovation from the fans. From Zap2it: "The good vibrations were so palpable that even Baldwin's absence couldn't harsh the buzz and the people here love Baldwin like Wade Boggs loved chicken."

I thought that line deserved it's own entry all it's own. ;-) Feel free to edit as more reports come in.

My fingers are crossed for Adam. I hope this one sticks. I kind of think it will because it looks good, although I think it may be hard to keep the story fresh. We'll see!
Well, I've seen the pilot and it is well done and obviously Adam Baldwin rocks. But I don't get the hype and I don't see how the show can sustain itself for more than a season. I mean it all basically hangs on the combined agencies' secrets and observations that Chuck has uploaded into his brain and after a year most of those should be out of date surely? And then what?
Perhaps after the first season they're planning on doing a River-type scenario, where details of past indiscretions are more what come floating to the surface than current operations. Plus deep black ops that have been going on for years may turn out to be illegal and so he has govt agencies and spies and stuff on his tail. Plus obviously Adam's character will have some deep dark secrets that will affect Chuck in the future. You know -- typical TV stuff! Hopefully freshened up at least a bit.
Mmh, yes okay, Adam Baldwin turns out to be a KGB mole (does the KGB still exist?) and tries to extract information about undercover agents in Chechenya by gaining Chuck's trust ...

Okay, no, doesn't work for me. Still don't think this show has much more chance than Jake 2.0 had. And even though I'd love to see more of Adam Baldwin on tv I have to admit I am rooting more for Kevin Smith's Reaper.

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