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July 28 2007

Have A Nice Apocalypse... I think I'll have something to say about that. The new poster for the Sarah Michelle Gellar starring film "Southland Tales" has arrived courtesy of, with a new tagline (I like to think they had me in mind) and complimentary eerily reaching hand.

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I'm sure that they did have you in mind. Love the poster although I'm deeply hurt and shocked that SMG's the LAST name listed (What's that about?) I've been waiting for this film since they announced it (it's been a loooong wait) so hopefully it'll be over here (the UK) soon.

Also 1st post YAY :)
Heh, I think they were trying to make a pyramid with the names. And SMG's is the longest.

I am looking forward to this film, even with the bad reviews.
Good to see progress with Southland Tales.

Now am I the only one who saw this poster and flashed on S6, Buffy's alive! ads? Cause, yeah.
Good advice too. Since the apocalypse is likely to be the last thing you ever do, it's only sensible to have a nice one.

I also think it's just length of name. Reckon it was Stephen King that said the key to having a bestseller is to have a long first name and a short second (so that the one can be put atop the other on book covers). Seems to have worked for him ;).

(and yep, great to see things moving forward for 'Southland Tales', hope it's as good as it deserves to be)
Well just because there are a lot of bad reviews doesn't mean it won't be worth seeing.I don't think it can lie up to Donnie Darko, but hopefully it will be entertaining.
I seem to remember Sarah getting positive reviews for the movie. That's encouraging for her at least. But I'm not to concerned with the past reviews, I'm just glad we're going to be able to see the movie soon. Pretty cool poster but it's very similar to the teaser posters we saw so long ago.
Yeah maje, they're recycling from the graphic novels. Still, I hope that that image of the hand coming out of the mushroom cloud (that's what it is, though the way it's cropped here makes it hard to tell) stays the main one for the movie.
Ain't it Cool has a high-res version of the poster, found here
Finally. I got the prequel graphic novels and enjoyed them. I'm all invested now, so no need to sit around wondering anymore. Despite early reviews, I was and still am intrigued. For the record, I fully ejoyed the weirdness that is Donnie Darko.

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