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May 19 2003

Victoria Day Buffy the Vampire Slayer Marathon on Space the Imagination Station. A reminder for Canadian Buffy fans, the top 10 favourite Buffy episodes as voted on by you are airing right now!

The first ep is already over and the 2nd just beginning. It all ends at 6pm giving those of us in Atlantic Canada or with digital/time shift tv an hour's break before the final episode of Buffy ever *sob* airs on ATV.

#10 which aired at 9am was Tabula Rasa, #9 airing right now is Becoming Part I. for some idiotic reason they don't have the final top 10 listed anywhere but it's not like it matters... it's not as if i would skip this one or that one. nope. i'll be sitting here all day watching every single one :-) good thing it's a long weekend here!
Just to keep the list going, no. 8 is obviously 'Becoming pt. 2', while no. 7 is 'The Body'.
i forgot how much i loved graduation day parts 1 & 2... the scene where the kids all throw off their grad gowns to reveal that they came armed and prepared gives me such a thrill :-D

i'll complete the list here by coming back and editing in the missing eps:

10.) Tabula Rasa
9.) Becoming I
8.) Becoming II
7.) The Body
6.) Graduation Day I
5.) Graduation Day II
4.) The Gift
3.) Family
2.) Hush

and canada's #1 buffy episode is...

1.) Once More With Feeling

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3.) 'Family'
2.) 'Hush'

And I'm almost certain that no. 1 will be 'Once More With Feeling', cause it's gotta be on the list somewhere right?

I was actually really surprised to see Family all the way up at number 3, but after a bit of thought I realized that it's got a lot of what made buffy great: subtext. You've got bondage (the bad kind), sex, what is family, loyalty v. independence, etc.

I think that I disliked this episode the first time I saw it because the whole Tara-botched-the-demon-finding-spell-on-purpose had been bugging me for damn near a year and then it was sort of like "oh, well, it was just a family myth - gotcha!." I guess it felt like a cop-out compared to previous instances of long-term foreshadowing (I mean Hello! 7-3-0?!).

PS. Timeshift + ATV = the best thing ever on a monday night - blows wildfeeds right out of the water.

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i would have been entirely shocked if omwf wasn't the number one ep... had to be that or hush. i just watched it on my computer yesterday tho' so this gives me a break before the finale airs. gotta serve dinner and get a fresh box of kleenex out *sniff*

on preview:

haha yes! time shift rocks! ;-)

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