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July 29 2007

(SPOILER) Comic Con: Stargate Atlantis Panel - Jewel Staite is part of the panel! The link takes you to's exclusive coverage of the "Stargate Atlantis" panel discussion at Comic-con 2007.

The page has several interviews and panels, so you might have to scroll to find the Stargate Atlantis panel, which was held on Friday. Jewel is sitting between Joe Flanigan and Amanda Tapping, and some of the questions are actually intended for her.

Additionally, for some cute pictures, you can check out Joe Mallozi's (a showrunner for Atlantis) blog for July 27th and 28th.

Edited to add: A transcription of the panel is here:

Als, the show that Hewlett mentions is a science fiction soap opera in his movie, "A Dog's Breakfast" and it is also a series that he pitched to the studio as a side gig.

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Unfortunately, the clip is "not available from my location", which is ironic since I live in the city where the series is filmed!!
That was okay. Most of the jokes fell a bit flat, though I liked the one where "Martin Wood says every time an actor directs an episode, a kitten dies."

I thought it was interesting Jewel picked Lost for her potential cross-over episode. Isn't that what most space shows are ultimately about? being stranded in space?

And what is this show of which David Hewlett speaks -- Star-Crossed? Starcrossed? Is that a Canadian thing?
I don't watch this show, but looking at the panel, I had a question. Is there something in their water that makes all the women turn blonde?
I can't speak for Nora, but I think Jewel was already going blonder before she got this part and Tapping has always been very blonde.
The other two women on the show are very much brunettes so I don't really think there is a point to be made, newcj.
Well for any informatio nof david hewlitts stuff you can go to his site . Basically for star crossed its a possible deal with Sci Fi, and its like mockumnetary format like Office but involving the behind the scenes of a science fiction show.

And in terms of Jewel, I love how she mentions how sex obsessed Kaylee is compared to her character. Which is a bit sad, since thats one of those aspects that made kaylee very enduring for me. And also notice that she mentioned Lost show as a possible crossover, but anyone who reads her blog will know exactly why :P

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No point. Just a random thought. I don't watch the show. I just saw the panel and was not really expecting a blonde JS, I guess.

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