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July 29 2007

Sending A Wave podcast interview Martin Firrell. He's the dude behind the 'HERO' art project, lead by Nathan Fillion. There's even a brief behind-the-scenes clip from the project. It's a really good interview.

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I'm listening to it right now and it is a good interview. I'm happy that he addressed one of my main questions about the project right off the bat: the issue that he's using Nathan Fillion, an actor best known for playing a very violent character, as the centerpiece in a project about heroism without violence. It initially had me scratching my head, but now I get how he's using the traditional, "square-jawed" iconic hero that Fillion played merely as a jumping off point for the larger discussion.
I'm up to the part about what he finds so beautiful about the Browncoat community. *snif*
This is a terrific interview! As an American not very familiar with Martin's other work, I found the discussion of his past work highly interesting.

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