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July 30 2007

Summer Glau talks Terminator. Coverage of The Sarah Connor Chronicles panel at Comic-Con.

It was unfortunate for fans that the event was scheduled against Joss' panel.

Sounds very cool - I'm so excited to see this (in about 2 years, over here in Europe, I guess ...)
These things happen. Summer will always be in our hearts.
I managed to see the pilot and it's... decent. Summer actually makes for a very good Terminator, but the bad guy is awful. He tries way too hard to pull an Arnold Schwarzenneger and fails badly. Also, news that it's set between Terminator 2 and 3 is wrong -- it's very clearly ignoring T3, but it makes some serious gaffes in regards to T2's timeline.

Oh well.
The video of the panel is available for download if you have an xbox 360.. I really hope these videos make it online somewhere else. That one line Summer had needs to be seen and not read. The audience member asks each person why they chose the show and Summer gets all cute and shrugs "I get to be a Terminator !"

Geek hearts everywhere melted...
I managed to see the pilot and it's... decent.

The plot, while not brilliant, didn't break my brain, and it has lots of Summer, so this is still my favorite of the bunch of pilots for the new season I've seen. :-)

The timeline thing was weird, yeah--the plot jump through some hoops to make things fit, and then still changed it. :-S

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