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July 30 2007

The Angel retrospective with Tim Minear. Excellent little interview with Tim about Angel, Joss and his continued love for the Angelverse.

Great interview with Minear. He's my favorite non-Joss writer ever to have worked in the Buffyverse, and his comment about how Darla/Angel was "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf"-ish vindicates me like whoa b/c that's how I've always seen their relationship. Old lovers who are still hung up on each other, but the love they used to have has been twisted by bitterness and other ugly emotions, but neither one is quite able to entirely let go. Which is what happens when immortal beings get divorced, I guess.
That was one of the best interviews I've read in awhile. And it answered a question I long wondered. "Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf?"

Wishing Tim the best!
Have to agree. This was a very good interview. Lots of little insights, and really fun to read.
Hehe: "Well, Jaye was going to be considered a messiah, and then Sharon..." I can totally see Jaye as a messiah. ;)
Thanks gossi!

An excelent interview with my fave Angel write. My favourite is the quote at the end.

"J: Finally, do you foresee yourself returning to the Angelverse in any of its incarnations in the future?

TM: Id love to. I just adore Angel."

Now wouldn't that rock!
I really dig the idea of Doyle being the S3 BB. It's unfortunate the actor's personal problems sort of took away that possibility; it would have made for some fantastically powerful storytelling, with Angel's most trusted comrade becoming a bitter antagonist. The closest thing we got to that was Wes and Angel as somewhat estranged semi-adversaries later in the series, but at heart there was always too much affection between them for Wesley to outright despise Angel and be driven to destroy him.

And TM adores Angel? Dude is not alone; I miss that show every day, sometimes on a visceral level. If there's any way he could be involved in the IDW S6 Angel comics and bring his touch to the storyline, since he always kicked ass writing Angel like nobody else except Joss himself, I'd be thrilled to the core.

And of course, he could kill a few people if he's feeling rusty ;)
Doyle as the Big Bad? I would not have liked that.

Great interview, though.
Great interview.
Great interview. And it would be cool if Tim got involved in the After the Fall comics. Always loved his take on Angel and crew.
The original link is no longer working so I've updated the entry with a working link.

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