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July 30 2007

James Marsters on "Saving Grace" tonight. The episode airs tonight at 10pm ET on TNT and should be up on iTunes by tomorrow if you miss it. Although he is in the episode he is not in the trailer for the episode, so I guess we will find out how big his part is tonight.

It may not be a long part but James turns down projects he doesn't want, so I would bet this will be a part with some impact. I know Amy,the TV Gall at zap2it has already seen the eppie and this is what she put in her column today:

So most of you agreed with me about "Saving Grace" (Monday at 10 p.m. on TNT). We're just not sure we actually want to watch Grace every week. But there is a reason to tune in this week. James Marsters (Spike on "Buffy" and "Angel" as if I have to tell you that) is a guest star.
Not sure if I can bring myself to watch it even though JM is on it. I mean, Graham (he of the Initiative) is also in it, as is Kenny Johnson (Lem from The Shield, which has Shawn Ryan and Sarah Craft/Liz Fain to connect it to Jossverse-y-ness), but its just not my cup of tea.
I didn't watch the premier of this show, but I will watch it for JM. Hell, I watched an entire season of Smallville just to see James, not to mention that VH1 Twilight Zone wanna-be Strange Frequency. The only thing with James in it that is completely off limits is the remake of House on Haunted Hill, no one touches my Vincent Price movies, dammit! :)
I'll watch anything with James in it. I watched this show last week and I'm not sure I will continue to watch it, a little too much religion for me, but I will definatly be watching tonight. I watched Shadow Puppets last night, and although it is not a great movie, it was entertaining and with James running around in his underware, well, it is worth watching again and maybe again after that.
All I can say is I'm grateful that Saving Grace is so good, I'd be watching it even if James Marsters wasn't co-starring tonight. Not everybody's cup of tea the show, but Holly Hunter is one of the finest actresses the U.S. has and she proved it again in the premiere last week. I imagine that was the draw for James.
I'll be watching too, though I wasn't so sure about the show last week-I'll have to see what I think as it develops....Holly Hunter is a super actress-just don't know yet. Certainly, it deserves a chance.

I saw Shadow Puppets last week and, despite the delightful underwear aspect, was disappointed. I thought it was was really uninspired material-the actors all worked hard- but I guess there's only so much you can do with that sort of script. When a horror movie is's sad.
Seriously, NOTHING can be as awful as "The Mountain", so I think we can all get through this too :)
Seriously, NOTHING can be as awful as "The Mountain"

Jeez, you had to go and remind us?? I had blissfully repressed that memory.

I'll watch tonight, but I'm not certain that I will continue. Holly Hunter is a fantastic actor, but I'm not certain I can take the rest.
Well, he appeared... (still watching)
Well, he was gorgeous as usual, but was it me or was he in only two scenes? Need me more James than that.
I think he had the lead cameo appearance in the episode. Wow and no scenes with Bailey, that sucked. Iwould have even settled for a double take between the two of them.
Well,that was short and sweet. James looked good. Longish, wavy hair, a suit, blue shirt and a very slight accent. He had only 2 scenes...first about 2 minutes long, and at the end, another 3 minutes.
I'm actually glad James didn't sign on for a recurring role in this. I don't like it well enough to want to watch week after week. But,hey,it was lovely to see James on my screen again...and luckily his whole performance will probably be on YouTube by morning! ;)
That was a tremendous waste of a good actor.
Man, am I glad James is not a regular on this. I had a tough time getting through the parts he wasn't in.
Ill-conceived show, with really unlikable characters.

And I too watched a whole season of Smallville just for James.
So glad I don't have to watch any more of this.

James was lovely though, subtle accent, looked great, conveyed a lot with very little. As usual, superb.
Just started watching...Holly Hunter just shot a deer and almost had sex next to it. How many ways is this NOT my kind of show??
I'm sitting through this God-awful show in order to see James Marsters, and it is NOT worth it. I've always been a fan of Holly Hunter, but this show is even more unwatchable than 'Touched by an Angel' (IMO of course). JM looks great, but so far I've only seen him in one scene that lasted less than a minute.
And don't expect much more. I think he has another minute in the show. What a waste. What a complete waste.

And the show itself. The Mountain was Shakespeare compared to this.
Holly Hunter is a very gifted actress, but I was so turned off by the deer assassination (and the "killing gets me hot") opening scene that I couldn't make it past the first commercial break.

I'm all for complex female characters who have rough edges, but this show seems to be doing it in almost a self indulgent "aren't we shocking?!" way.
Thunderstorms moving through the area caused my cable to go out at the beginning and very end of the show, so I fortunately missed the deer assassination. Even so, it was tough to sit through this to wait for JM's two brief scenes (that was all, right?). His total screen time was under two minutes. What a shame. So, OK, I got through this. Won't be watching again, either.
TaraMaclay - you should check out the House on Haunted Hill for James, it's only the first 10 mins or so of the movie and it's pretty entertaining, plus Lisa Loeb! Just shut it off after that.

Is this on youtube yet? I was considering getting the episode through iTunes (as I don't get the channel it was aired on), but after these reviews I'm thinking just James' scenes will suffice.

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