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July 30 2007

Buffy book "Portal Through Time" wins Young Adult award. Yet another Whedony thing from Comic Con: the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers announced their Scribe Awards there over the weekend and Alice Henderson won Best Novel in the Young Adult category for "Portal Through Time."

The winners aren't up at the site yet, but Lee Goldberg listed them in his blog. Congratulations Alice!

Glad to see that - not just because it was a BtVS book (and one of the last few, at that) - but because it was a damn good read. The thoroughtness of the author's research shone through in the very comfortable way she handled so many different historical periods.
Catalyst, you said it exactly as I would.

Congratulations, Alice...a good writer and an incredibly nice person! :D
I'm glad to see both the author and the 'verse get the recognition - but I sorely wish they'd done more Buffyverse novels outside the "young adult" category.
I actually submitted Blackout in the general novel rather than YA category for consideration, and it didn't make the nomination cut.

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