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"I wasn't looking at your neck!"
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July 30 2007

Martin Firrell and Nathan Fillion's HERO 2.5- an update to the update. This one is a beautiful tribute that will lay Nathan Fillion appreciators flat!

Can I just say, OH.MY.GOD!!!

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I was trying to follow the script that was appearing, but I just could not tear my eyes from Nathan! That man has a spectacular face. Truly emotive.
still not entirely sure I understand this whole please?
I know, Genia. I had to watch it several times because I couldn't stop staring at Nathan's face! LOL! But then, about the third time, I saw how well his facial expressions were blended with the text. Loved the song too!

MySerenity, I can only explain what it means to me, but it may mean something completely different to someone else. I don't think there is a right and wrong when it comes to art. It moves people in different ways, according to their heart. Martin's art is meant to provoke thought in each of us. This piece is questioning our current ingrained perceptions of heroism. Are they still valid in today's world or do we need to reexamine the kind of men we are raising, encouraging and idolizing? Should we be demanding a different ideal?

Each of Martin's updates have been completely different from the other. It is a growing project that is taking on the life of the people who are so passionately contributing to it. The first was Martin's presentation of the question. The second was a representation of the feelings of the public blended as a cohesive whole. The third offers a positive spirit of hope...that all men can be like NATHAN FILLION!!! LOL!!! I told you this was MY perception! :)

It is a living piece of art, continuously growing and changing. There will be more updates, more surprises, more growth- all affected by us and what we give to it. This is public art in the truest sense of the word. Anyone can contribute by posting their thoughts and feelings on Martin's blog.
I know this isn't everyone's cuppa tea, but I'm loving it. Ninja MALi, that was a marvelous description. I see everything you described, and more.
Hopefully I'll have time to read the entire blog before it becomes book length.

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