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"Scully wants me so bad."
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July 30 2007

Eve weds Andrew's brother. Sarah Thompson (Eve from AtS) marries Brad Kane (Tucker from BtVS).

Congratulations to Sarah and Brad!
Thats so nice!
Ah, love in the Whedonverse - congratulations!
I hope they're be very happy (but it's just weird to think about, Tucker and Eve).
Eve weds Andrew's brother.

Who now ?


Ohhhh, you mean Tucker's brother's brother ? Now i'm with you.

Congrats to them both. Without being able to remember what Brad 'Tucker' Kane looks like, i'm sure that, on balance, they make a lovely couple (since Sarah Thompson is half of it ;).
The weird whedonverse connections.
Which makes me wonder, what happenned to Tucker, and if he'll ever be mentioned in some way on Season 8 or 9.
And he's adapting The Historian (more vampires).
He provided Jonathan's splendid singing voice in "Superstar," BtVS 4017, and I think she said she always wanted a chance to sing on Angel, so . . .

Someone else finish my thought.
Ohhhh, you mean Tucker's brother's brother ?

LOL - I actually did a spit-take on that.
Awwwe. How absolutely adorable. I loved Eve, in spite of the fact that she was, y'know, evil or whatever. This is cuter than those kittens and puppies that they have on kleenex boxes.
Ohhhh, you mean Tucker's brother's brother ?

So there were three of them? Hmmm. Interesting. ;-)

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