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July 31 2007

Dinner with Joss - another account. Great write-up from someone else who was at the dinner on Friday.

Thank you Errabunda, great writeup, sounds like money well spent, hope that IFC interview show up soon !
Congratulations on a wonderful night, errabunda! Love the outfit. :)
Thank you, Errabunda, that was terrific--and not just the elegant Firefly-'verse-ready-wear!

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Thanks for the write up, Errabunda! :) Sounds like you had a great time!
I'm impressed. I doubt I could possibly remember all of the subjects listed. Not unless I had a tiny notepad on my lap under my napkin!
I loved that account, as i pointed out on her entry.
Thanks Errabunda. Sounds so fun. I hope you will not hesitate to post more details of the conversation later on if things occur to you that you feel like sharing.

Thanks Simon, for the link. On top of things as usual.
Wow. I genuinely enjoyed reading this report. I is so well-written, ... and funny!
Awesome errabunda, thanks so much! Sneakers. I had a suspicion Joss would wear sneakers, but I almost joked in the Suzanne Brockman thread he might come in a suit and Bass Weejuns.

Edit - Thanks to Simon for finding and posting the link.

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Errabunda talks about characters returning from the dead. I wonder if a certain blonde witch was mentioned.
Wow, what a beautiful intelligent and (lucky for us) articulate dinner guest! I am so glad that Joss was sitting down with such wonderful people who were really adding to the evening (her insights into 'Hush' and the audience needing to fumble in the dark along with the characters is very interesting) because I would never have recovered from the 'awe' thing.
Sounds like a fun dinner. Thanks for sharing.
Terrific write-up, Errabunda. And, yes, your outfit was lovely.
So how tall is Joss?
Taller than three apples.
I hear that Joss is already negotiating with Errabunda's outfit to appear in the direct-to-DVD Serenity sequel. Albeit in my head.

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I like the bit where she mentions WHEDONesque. Oh, and I mean I like all of those other bits, too.
But can you make gold from six Josses?

A wonderful writeup about what sounds like an amazing experience. Thank you so much for sharing, Errabunda!
What a *ginormously* satisfying evening and writeup, from someone self-described as never satisfied. She maintained a nice balance between keeping some of it private, and sharing generously - which can't have been easy. And looks like she started that livejournal blog just to write about the dinner, which is sweet.

Her gladrags were perfectly lovely - I can imagine me in my bedroom before the dinner throwing on outfit after outfit, going, "No, that's too casual" and "Now this one's too dressy" and "But I don't have the right shoes for that..." and "This one's too red" and "That one's not red enough..."

Ummmm... blood sacrifices & dinner...

*checks one report off the list of five total TK*

Feel better, Errabunda.
Well, great, your self-description combined with your satisfaction has just caused a paradox which will doom us all and lead to the inevitable unravelling of the known universe, hope you're happy QG.

Very nice account that, cheers Errabunda. It does indeed strike a tough balance while, simultaneously, being unbalanced in all the right ways. Nice togs too.

(and kudos to Joss too, takes a certain panache to carry off trainers and a suit without going totally Miami Vice, hat's off ;)
Errabunda did it, not me, with her fancy sed non satiata and her whatnot. She opened the paradox trapdoor and now we may all fall through...

I? I am famously known for being a simple person, easily pleased with a pillow, a corner of toast and a small chew-toy to play with. Ask anyone.
The server is having hiccups today...

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It was probably that corner of toast and chew toy that you offered it :)
*pats gassy server on back.*

Burp it up, little server.

Oh, gods, I just anthropomorphized a server.

*gets off internet for a little lay-down.*
You aren't the first and you won't be the last :)
So, just so we're clear, servers aren't people ? I mean, *cough* of course servers aren't people. Crazy even to think such wacky thoughts ... wouldn't catch me doing it ...

I am famously known for being a simple person, easily pleased with a pillow, a corner of toast and a small chew-toy to play with.

Where for 'chew-toy' read, 'death to the very fabric of space and time' and for 'pillow' read, 'the end of all that is good' ! Admittedly, for 'toast' you should just read 'toast' BUT it's, uh, evil toast ! Full fat butter and, and white bread without wholegrain bits in it !
So, just so we're clear, servers aren't people ?

Well, if I recall correctly, the title of the book was To Serve Man, so strictly speaking, people are being served, not doing the serving.
But what about Soylent Green?
Soylent Green: of the people, by the people, for the people....
Ahhh, so Soylent Green is servers ?

Well, if I recall correctly, the title of the book was To Serve Man, so strictly speaking, people are being served, not doing the serving.

I think they might've made a film out of that, You Got Served. Sounds like it approximates the experience at least.
But were they served Soylent Green? Because you know...
Now I'm kind of scared that the server will start spitting up the garbled remains of Ben/Glory memes.
It just did.


.. and I just won a bet with myself. I'd tell you what I won, but I don't want to. I'm afraid of getting memes all over everything...
Memes are notoriously hard to wash out, especially on The Black ;)
In my prev. employment, our product imported data on someone else's server, which used to go on the blink.

One time, I told one of our programmers the data server was down again.

He sent an email to one of their programmers, asking him to kick the server, please (cc'ing me on it).

A while later the reply came: Server kicked.

When our progammer walked by my office a while later I asked how much education their programmer had.

He gave me a funny look (like I was going to make snippy remarks or something).

"I just want to know how much training it takes to learn how to kick a server."

He brightened and said "Oh, no! Programmers are born, not made. In fact, that's how they decide who the programmers are. They line up a bunch of computers that aren't working, and line up the people and tell them to issue a kick. The one's whose computers start working, them's the programmers."

I bet you guys didn't know all that!
Yeah, when Black is Soyled, it's a Goner.

Thanks simon for this. And thank you Errabunda for the elloquent comments.

Also want to add .... if it's unusual to anthropomorphise your server, or indeed your computer in general, I'm even more unusual than I realized :)

P.S. Please excuse any misspellings or incoherence, my foot is in a big plaster cast & I'm not skimping on the pain meds :-)
Woo hoo ! Party in Shey's plaster cast and everyone's invited ! Bring Your Own Meds.

Q: How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb ?
A: The light bulb works fine on my system.

Q: How many programmers does it take to change a light-bulb ?
A: None, that's a hardware problem.

"A project manager, hardware engineer and software engineer were in a car heading down a hill when the brakes failed. The driver managed to get it stopped by using the gears and a convenient dirt track.

All three jumped out and after peering under the car the hardware engineer said, "I see what the problem is and with my handy roll of duct tape I think I can fix it well enough to get us to the next town". The project manager said, "Wait, before we do anything we need to decide on a vision for our future, figure out a plan and assign individual deliverables". At which point the software engineer said, "You know what, I think we should push the car back up to the top of the hill and see if it happens again"."
Saje - Exactly right, sir :)

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