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July 31 2007

Buffy season 8 cover art for sale. If you've got a spare $150, you could be the proud owner of one of the stunning Jo Chen covers from issues 2, 3 or 6. What you get is a limited edition 13" by 19" giclee reproduction which would look great on your office or living room wall.

Via Jo Chen's latest MySpace blog post.

And yes I did have to look up what giclee meant.

Dang, that's pricey. I paid that much for the #1 print, which was signed by both Jo and Joss.

What does it say about me that when I saw "giclee" I immediately thought "gigitty-gigitty"? High-class I ain't, apparently.
It's not pricey. It's art. Artists aren't the richest folks in the world. Trust me, I know. I passed over a career in commercial art to become a software programmer so I could feed myself and my family.

Artists need to make some money.
True but as Jo says on her blog posting:

I sure wish I was making some scratch of the sales, but alas!

At first I thought it was the original artwork in which case I would have said that $150 is a freaking steal. The price isn't all that bad all things considered. The absurd thing is that it ends up costing $295 if you get it with a frame. That better be one hell of a frame for $145.
Yeah, if they were the originals I would've bought them all and then posted here asking, "Why'd it go so cheap and who was the @$$hat who bought it all?" :)
Dude, you broke the internet ! I've seen double posts but that ... someone call Guinness ;).

That better be one hell of a frame for $145.

Maybe the frame is made from another print ? $5 discount, bargain !

Can't afford it in any way shape or form but i'm actually tempted in a musing but not really seriously thinking about it sort of way. Both the Willow and Faith covers are among my favourite comic art from the last few years.
You've heard the phrase 'so nice ya said it twice'? That totally doesn't apply here :) The phrase 'database connection problem', however, does! Hey, if someone's calling for a Guinness, I'll certainly have one ;)
Ah, if only you'd asked about 18 times in a row I might have got them in ;).

Now that I think about it though, dya reckon there's a Guinness record for the most failed attempts to attain a Guinness record ? Cos that's something to aspire to.

(and yeah, the server seems to be creaking a bit tonight, poor auld thing)
This afternoon I'm going for most accidental posts in a sequence/series, and following it up with a run at most failed connections trying to delete the aforementioned accidental multi-postings.
Professional framing is often more expensive than what you're putting in it! But it can be worth it to really showcase the item, plus professional materials are chosen to ensure it doesn't fade.
There aren't really any "originals," are there? They look like digital art to me.

$150 for a print of a comic book cover seems pretty ridiculous. They are exceptionally awesome prints, but someone is getting ripped off here methinks.
Well, no, these are digital prints, but there's a BIG difference between Wal-Mart grade mass-produced prints or inexpensive poster blow-ups and genuine art-grade prints. $150 for a limited-edition print of original artwork isn't at all unusual, and the fact that the original artwork was for a comic cover really isn't relevant. In fact, that may be a bargain price - check here to see some recent prices for fine-art giclee prints.
Does anyone know what the ASH with woman behind him painting is that she is using in the upper left corner? I don't usually use this word, but it is awesome.

She really does amazing work. I am tempted to keep buying the comic books just for her covers, even when I am feeling that I should just be waiting for the TPB's.
Aaand there's my husband's birthday present. Woohoo! Those'll look kick-ass in our sci-fi game room.
Simon: Well, if Jo isn't making money off the cover sales, I think I'll pass.
newcj, it's the cover for Buffy Season 8 #7. The woman behind Giles is Faith.
The framing probably includes: the frame (of course), special protective glass, at least single-matting if not double, special archival backing paper, the whole back covered in heavy-duty archival paper, and hangers. A simple frame job at Jo-Ann's or Michael's (craft stores) can easily run over $100 and if you go to a real art-type store much higher. Plus extra shipping.

You can also get frames made specifically for your comics, where the comic slides in and out through a slot so as to be still accessible fo reading (or showing off). It may not be an 18x24 fine art print, but you can get a dozen covers up on the wall instead of two or three. ;)

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