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July 31 2007

Preorder the Angel Box Set for $97.99. The complete set of Angel is now available for preorder at Amazon. It retails at $139.98 but is listed at $97.99, and if it's anything like the Buffy set you'll want to grab the price while it's there. No info there on what's included.

Thanks for the heads up, C.A. Bridges. It is frustrating, though, that only three months before release there's no information about the set. Here's hoping it gets a special extras disc, although I think that's unlikely, sadly.
I don't think there will be an extra disc like what the US Buffy boxset got. The Angel R1 Boxset has the same number of discs as the UK one.
Hmm very tempting! having not bought any Angel before, this works out at $20 a season + shipping in what is hopefully a shiny little box (you're right, a few more details about the set would be nice...). The UK box set is selling for about $220 in stores here, and slimline seasons for $40 each, so this is lots cheaper!
LOL, I know what you mean about the price.

I THOUGHT I had put Buffy in my shopping cart, but when I finally decided to bite the bullet and actually buy it (I knew I wanted to watch it again, especially as I had missed a few eps when I Netflixed it; and thought, I'd probably watch it every few years, so it would be worth it -- didn't know I'd burn through it 6 times within the first 1.5 years, and after all, it was released on my BD) it was NOT in my cart.

I bought a "used" for $40 more than the original price (and some of the center dealies that keep the disks in place were shattered, which is worrisome, as I'm afraid they'll get scratched up).

Damn! I've been wondering if they'd do a deal for the whole Angel. Too bad I just can't buy it.

Unless I find well-paying work real soon.

So, people, do the pre-order thing, lest they all get grabbed up by resellers and you pay more for the very same product!

This "Don't Let This Happen to YOU" message was paid for by the "Angel in every pot" campaign.

P.S. And what is UP with this site today? It's been Grr-Arghing at me all freakin' day!
Thought I should mention - I was just at Cosco and they had every season of Angel and Buffy at $17 each. (And here I just got the remaining 3 Angel seasons I needed for $20 at that sale recently at Best Buy). Anyway, for anyone still looking to fill out their collections, you can't go wrong at $17 a season!
Shiny! Although I paid $80 for a crappy rip of all seasons from Hong Kong. I'll be buying this too. Nothing beats the art.
Might be time to make another round of donations to the local library wherever you are and purchase this more compact version to free up some shelf space :)
i currently only have seasons 1 and 5 - the first was a gift and the fifth is my favourite - i'd been waiting for a complete set to come out, but i broke down and bought it last year because i *really* wanted to see the andrew episode. but (hopefully) here it is at last. and even if there's no bonus disc, it's worth the price for all being in one little box. i loved all of my buffy sets lined up, but traded 'em in for the box set as soon as i could - when you live in a tiny apartment, every little bit of space counts.

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