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May 19 2003

Buffy Season 4 DVD Team Find the Buffy Season 4 DVD Street Team here where you can win it on DVD! Also find the official press release here.

Um...huh? There's practically no information offered on the registration page about *how* one is supposed to "get involved in promoting the Season 4 DVD release."

I also saw no sign of a press release, official or otherwise.
From inside the site, once you register:
"Recruitment Contest
Our first contest will reward those of you who recruit the most new team members with cool Buffy items (including free DVDs)! All you have to do is tell everyone you know (and everyone they know) about the team and how we're trying to promote the Fourth Season on DVD.
Please help out by passing on the recruitment link to as many people as you possibly can. Post the link on relevant message boards and in chat rooms, and e-mail or IM the link to your friends, family, fellow Buffy fans and mailing lists, so others can join the Season 4 Online Team."

Does posting a link here that helps you win a contest count as a self-link?

The press release basically states that the 4th season DVD will be out June 10. It lists which episodes and extras are on which discs. "Hush" has commentary by Joss.

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