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August 01 2007

Warren Ellis could take Joss Whedon. Or so he thinks. We also learn he'll take over Astonishing X-Men in August '08.

Only if it's somewhere nice with candles.
All Joss would have to do is kick Warren's cane out from under him - which is not something that Our Joss would do, although I think Warren could find a way to enjoy it.

Warren talks real tough, but he likes to dance with everyone at Nerd Prom, too.

My favourite Warren-line from the article was, "It is not a jolly fucking holiday with Mary." I'm still laughing.
I'm guessing Angel might of had the same problem with the WB.
All Joss would have to do is kick Warren's cane out from under him ...

I dunno, if Red Bull gives you wings then Ellis not only wouldn't fall over, he'd end up floating 10-12 feet off the ground. And i'm sure he means he could take Joss ... at tiddlywinks and/or imbibing mind altering chemicals (of whatever stripe, including Red) - which you'd need to be doing to play tiddlywinks anyway (vicious game). BTW, the first chapter of Ellis' 'Crooked Little Vein' is available free for those that're curious. Suffice it to say, it's very, err, him.

I take it Joss and Cassaday are still off AXM at #24 + 'Annual' ? So presumably they're gonna let the book lie for, what, 8-10 months ? Or are we looking at truly hiiiuuuuge delays ? Hoping not.

(and I think he has something about 'Global Frequency', pretty great pilot IMO with a completely natural hook for a weekly series that can tell nearly any kind of story, not to mention Michelle Forbes. Still, it's his own fault, he must've known where The WB offices were after all ... ;)
Warren Ellis and James Marsters should fight over who loves Red Bull the most. Seriously, Ellis had like 5 cans of it on stage. Then again, it was a 2 hr chat.
At this rate, Ellis' first issue will come out before Joss' last. As a fan of the series, I'm desperate for Marvel to get their act together on this one.
And now is when I disprove the fact that I'm a nerd by saying my only exposure to Warren Ellis is the fantastic Fell.

Plus, those amazing Brainmail MySpace bulletins of his.
Damn it! Two double posts in a row!

These database problems are driving me insane. :-(

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