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August 01 2007

'Another moment on the Olympus of fame'. Gabriel Ba explains Joss' visit to his and Fabio Moon's table at Comic-Con, and the genesis of Joss' awesome t-shirt of Dandelion from his and Moon's new Sugarshock online comic from Dark Horse.

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I didn't realize the shirt had been made on the fly. So how do I get a bribe to Fabio? I loved that tshirt!
Ditto on the shirt love. I was trying to find the booth that Fabio Moon was in to see more of his artwork, but never did manage to find it. It's a shame, especially now that I've actually had the opportunity to take a look at Sugarshock. I really like his style.
Wow, that shirt was just made on the fly? That's...pretty incredible. It looks great, I'd love to have one.

*Hint hint, Fabio, hint hint*
The Double Post Daemon strikes again!

[ edited by UnpluggedCrazy on 2007-08-02 05:49 ]
The limited edition Sugarshock poster I had to ship to myself from Comic-Con just arrived.

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