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August 01 2007

More encounters with Joss at Comic-Con. Remember the Darling family's efforts to meet Joss? Well they managed to see him in the end.

Oh I am so happy that is worked out, I'm sure the entire Darling family had a great visit to San Diego, and of course meeting Joss was special. Congratulations to the Darlings!
I like the idea of someone asking Joss with no indication of context, "Do you like to talk to yourself? I think that's funny."
JW wins at compassion. I don't win at english, as I'm not sure that's the word I'm looking for.
Very cool. So very cool.

Yea, Darlings!
Always nice to have a happy ending. Joss really disproves the theory that you shouldn't meet famous people that you admire.
Did Joss find out about the family's fundraising due to the earlier link here? If so, well done to whedonesque and embers (who did the original link to the story).
I'm so glad they got to spend time with Joss! Cute kids:)
Aw. Reading this made me disturbingly happy. I'm so glad they got to meet Joss.
I'm really happy they got to meet Joss in the end. And Joss is such a nice guy!
How sweet, congrats to the Darling family and what a fitting ending to this tale.

BTW- DOES that mean Joss checks in here a little more often than we thought?

In that case-

"Have a nice day Joss and Mike!"
Double Post.

This server, is not, umm, serving!

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