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August 01 2007

Universal press release for Collector's Edition. On July 31, Universal issued its official press release for the forthcoming new Serenity DVD. Not news that there's a DVD, but nice to see the release -- and it's somewhat interesting to see what other film and TV work they picked to identify the cast members.

Parenthetically, I'm amused by the rather sedate description of the R. Tam Sessions.

Jewel Staite ("Missing," "Firefly")

Man, I really want to take a red pen to that press release. The first two sentences in particular.
Yeah. That's a pretty lame-ass press release.
Wot, no commentary by Morena? Tsk tsk.
I thought there was going to be a DTS track? :(
I'm with B!X. They did a press release. Whoo-hoo! Just think how we would feel if they never did one.

Jewel was in one episode of Stargate: Atlantis they should have used that one.


Do you know if they can change the release or would they have to do a new one? Cause a new one is probably not gonna happen for the change on Jewel. But if they get to edit would be a plug for Stargate Atlantis.

Session 416: These Internet pieces document a portion of River's participation in a psychological study and her interactions with her therapist.

It so funny because it is so true. Do you think Joss wrote that? It is just so funny when you have seen the study and watched her interactions with her therapist. I hope they show them in the correct order like on your website.
I hope they show them in the correct order like on your website.

Well, you know, there's never been confirmation that it's the correct order. It's just the order in which they were released, and which seems most consistent with the structure.

Guess we'll know soon enough.
Hey, front page on the right side advertisement Serentity DVD box. ad for
Hey, they referred to it as an "event" instead of a "movie." That press release is mostly dodgy, but damned if I don't agree with that particular wording...
I thought it was going to have DTS sound?
Whimper... I'd been resisting... I'd been thinking I could live without it... my resolve is cracking...
The body of work chosen to represent each actor certainly is interesting. Most of them have had far more wide-spread and well known parts than what was mentioned.


This one is a keeper. Cast commentary. How can you miss that???

Go to

You can even watch them on dial-up. Let one run in the background stops...plays 2 seconds...stops...plays 2 seconds... and then after it finishes, click on the next clip and then click on the clip that ran in background(minimized) .
Whoo-hoo! The Brownquote thingy has info about Serenity Collector's Edition on the bottom.

Just another way the news is getting spread!

The Brownquote code link page and Angel and Buffy Quotes code linke page too!

You can see the Brownquote thingy on our favorite myspace and elsewhere.
Jewel's been in two episodes of 'Stargate: Atlantis' in fact (one in full facial prosthetics, one as 'herself') and is set to be in many more so they could definitely have used that.

The press release seems to have deliberately chosen non sci-fi roles for all the actors though, maybe to try to appeal to a broader audience (though who of the 'broader audience' is likely to read DVD press-releases I don't know).

Any news on if/when there'll be a UK release ?

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