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August 01 2007

Variety's Anne Thompson talks to Joss briefly about Wonder Woman. Anne ran into Joss at Comic Con. She also posts about the upcoming BDM DVD.

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Of course, there's nothing on WW in her post that we didn't already know from this public panel session. Maybe she just wanted to be able to say "I saw Joss Whedon at EW's Comic-Con party" but needed some padding.
She might've gotten more out of him if not for the "Brownshirt" thing. I'm just sayin'.

Does the database hate everyone as much as it hates me?
Your not the only one dreamlogic, it hates me too.

I think she just wanted to have her blog posted here, because we are the coolest.
It hates everyone today/yesterday, there was an upgrade that may explain some of it. Milo is checking things out.
Since Joss was at EW's party, and EW loves Joss...perhaps we might be seeing his name in their pages soon?
Good thought, Unplugged. Next issue will come out tomorrow. Usually the news material is not online until the next week. But we should probably try to make the BBC as aware as possible of how aware we all are of the Ripper news, which might be mentioned.
Yup, I'm a subscriber, so I'll be scopin' out the new ish.

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