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August 02 2007

Entertainment Weekly interview Joss. Joss expands on his exit from WW, the status of Ripper, the development of Goners and more. EW use the term "Nerd Prom", and don't horridly misquote Joss. All good.

I heart EW and their coverage of Joss and his creations. They've always been supportive of Joss, they've always been accurate (as far as I know), and they've always given him press and attention. They continue to do so. Bravo to EW!
"Being patient?"

(Joyce voice) These fans of yours. They put too much pressure on you. They always have.
Good interview.

And every now and then I'll see an agent on the phone being all grousy standing next to a Boba Fett. And I'll be like, "Dude, check out the Fett! You're missing the point."

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who understand that it's all about the Fett, and those who don't.

But a story point [finally] fell into place. For years, I hadn't been able to figure it out. Let's just say something very bad is happening, and I couldn't figure out why.

I really like the sound of that.
[When asked about Ripper] "The character is still part of the Buffy franchise that Fox owns. We want to make sure that everybody gets respected."

If I were him I wouldn't be able to say that without a sort of snideishness (yes, I know that is not a word) behind it. But, I guess that's why he's Joss and I'm not.
dimg, remember that the Fox production people are not the same as the Fox television network people who screwed Joss on Firefly. The production people have typically been kinder about Joss' stuff than the network.
death is my gift, you are confusing the wonderful people at 20th Century Fox Televsion Studios (who owns Buffy) and the less wonderful people at Fox Broadcasting (who canceled many of our favorite shows). Joss is referring to the studio.
Nice interview, but it sounds like he went through some really personal turmoil to get to where he is today.

Which sounds just like something from one of his many wondrous creations...
Why has the Double Post Daemon been torturing me?!

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phlebotinin, EW were the ones who quoted Joss as saying he'd never do a Serenity sequel. Or something along those lines. It caused a bit of a stir at the time as it was turned into a 'Joss hates his fans!' thing by the media. EW have actually been very supportive of Joss and his body of work over the years so I wasn't really bashing them, but making with the rubbish funny (my patented form).

One thing about the Ripper project. I'm seeing all these people online saying it should have Willow in. And Spike. And Andrew. And Xander. And it should be a series. I don't think that -- that was called Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Looking forward to seeing the story, provided it comes together.
I really hope Ripper has only Giles in it. Only later if it becomes a series (yes, I'm already dreaming) should there be others in it.
''Dude, check out the Fett! You're missing the point.''
I totally heard Xander's voice when I read that.

Also, Serenity miniseries???? Say it's so.
I'd like to see one or two guest appearances. With that said, I am really hoping this is kind of an odd-couple Ripper tale. The Hellmouth is closed for business so its time to party Sunnydale-style. Ripper needs the cash so he takes in Clem as his wacky roommate. Always leaving the toothpaste cap off, cat fur balls in the sink, that sort of thing.

(btw--Has anyone else had a really hard time getting onto Whedonesque today? going through withdrawals, Grr Argh.)
This is wonderful! While I sympathize with Joss going through so much during WW, it can only make his work darker and deeper and richer and, er, chocolate-ier. ;)

Has anyone gotten their paper EW yet? They usually publish pics of their sponsored events, so I'm hoping there'll be some of Joss and perhaps some Joss cohorts. My stupid post office doesn't deliver my EW until the following week, though. :(
Great interview, from a very accessible Joss.

Tra-la! for the Ripper stuff. And then some of the interview kinda broke my heart, yet wasn't surprising... the WW stuff still royally chafes my chaps. At the very least, if they didn't want the Wondy that Joss was creating, they should've been able to express what they did want better somewhere along the way.

Nothing drives me crazier from a client than, "Well, I can't express myself in any recognizable way what I want, but I'll be very vocal about what it is I don't want after you do it. Why don't you do about twenty options, and then I'll tell you what I don't like about each of them? Is that workable?"

"There were rumors that your other film project, Goners, may have been distracting you."

Oh, bugger that - Wonder Woman was distracting Joss away from Goners.

"There's also a lot of...there's personal stuff that I'm not interested in talking about that was difficult."

Bubala. *hopes it feels better now.*
I'm excited about all the stuff. He's already pitching Buffy Season Nine? Fantastic!

I really need to get back into the comics. I read a friend's copy of the first issue of Season Eight, but never got around to getting the rest of them. I'll probably catch them in trade paperback.

I'm definitely excited about Ripper, and look forward to more Joss stuff, he seems really busy now.

Although I wish he'd do another series.
Also, Serenity miniseries???? Say it's so.

Comic mini-series. Just to clarify.
Like the picture. That's Joss's Gained-Insight-Through-Suffering face. His Walked-Through-Fire-and-Tempered-Like-Steel face. His First-Whedonovel-Dust-Jacket face.
Whedon Novel. How I like the idea of that but I also really miss "the quick turnaround. Get it done, get it out, every month or every week." I miss Jossir on the TV. But if he was writing a novel, I would wait. There might even be patience.
His Walked-Through-Fire-and-Tempered-Like-Steel face. His First-Whedonovel-Dust-Jacket face.

Now you got me the imagery of Joss singing Walk through the fire.

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