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August 02 2007

Joss video interview at San Diego '07. A four-minute conversation with Joss, where he talks a little about his vision for X-Men 3, why you shouldn't use Wikipedia to look up Harry Potter characters while you're reading "Deathly Hallows", and which of the two Buffys he thought was the hotter one.

Love to hear again about that "movie stuff I'm going to be announcing"! goners goners Goners!
Poor Joss. Spoiled for the Deathly Hallows. I've been lucky so far.
I had the exact same conundrum - all these characters I needed a refresher course on (eg Mundungus Fletcher), but Wikipedia full of those blasted spoilers (as I was pretty sure would happen, given that Wikipedia is populated by people who can read a million words in a second and don't get too worried about working big spoilers into a character's profile). My eventual solution was to get on a profile, cover my eyes from the text (with those high-tech devices known to me only as "hands"), click on the "history" button and scroll back to the 20th July entry - thereby getting the information I wanted without any of those pesky spoilers. But it was such a curmudgeonly process (given that the entries had all been updated eleven hundred times since TDH's release) that I only did it to look up Kingsley and Aberforth. Still, now I've finished, and I absolutely loved the ending (though not really including the epilogue) and strangely enough would not like to see Joss splitting his own soul into seven pieces trying to make it into a movie, because I kinda like him.
I knew character sympathy engagement correlated with hotness, just knew it.

(I do not know why mine are not quadruple posts, since I'm clicking promiscuously.)
Thanks for the tip. The only clip I found of Joss at YouTube, with someone asking him to dance. Here's the link to it. It's great. I wonder why Comic-Con doesn't tape some of this stuff, and give it to YouTube later. It gives more people a chance to see this panel.

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Oh, that's the video of the bit where the crowd pisses me off. And then the questioner who was in love with her own voice and wouldn't just get to the point.
Double comment! Whee!

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I have two little low-quality clips from the panel I'll throw up on YouTube. I wasn't going to bother, but sounds like there's a shortage of footage.
The interviewer knew his crowd well--that we'd be Googling anything new Joss had mentioned!
Nice quick little hop - thanks, daylight and Geekscape.

And impaler, thanks for the second link - I hadda see it, but then the whole thing, the dance request through to the self-important questioner afterwards, made me so totally "embareced" for everyone that I had to stop watching without finishing...
*hic, hic, hic.*

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Careful observers of the first video will note that Joss has himself an iPhone. I, like, watched that video of them asking him to dance and that chick trying to force her material onto Joss.

I would never be like that.
I also had to force myself through that second clip. Any clips that are not painful out there?
Joss was bullet-proof through that stuff. He works in Hollywood, and has met assholes before. I'm afraid these clips are giving a distorted image of the panel (no offense to those who took them, not your fault). It was joyous. I think everybody who was there, aside from the aforementioned, with their inability to register human emotions, walked out on a high.
That's good to hear, dreamlogic - though from the stories you'all have been bringing back, I already sorta thought so. Glad to hear it was all water off a duck's back, and otherwise delightful. Wish we could watch the whole DH panel...

I love (most of) my chosen fandom, but we sure can get redonkulous.

*ETA: His iPhone-mac-age is just one more reason to love him...

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I have no idea why it's not all filmed (besides the copyrighted clips), and put on iTunes or the like. Does anybody know?
Probably because convention organisers are short-sighted about that kind of thing? :)
I loved that video, thanks so much. It's great to hear the news and so forth, but Joss always manages to endear himself to me all over again, especially when he says stuff like (in response to "you're probably going to punch me") "You probably wouldn't even feel it. I'm a girlyman from the first to the last." I'm not so sure that's true, but still, my heart fluttered.

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