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August 03 2007

The He and She of It. Read "Gender and Fan Culture" by Derek Kompare and Cynthia Walker. Its subsections include "Fandom Meets The Powers That Be," and "Fanboys/Fan Girls Revisited," among others, and several fandoms, including Joss Whedon & his fans, are mentioned in passing.

Presented on his blog by Henry Jenkins, the co-director of the Comparative Media Studies Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the link above goes to "Gender and Fan Culture (Round Nine, Part One)" by Derek Kompare and Cynthia Walker; "Gender and Fan Culture (Round Nine, Part Two) is available here. There are earlier installations by other authors elsewhere on the blog.

Jenkins himself has written extensively about fandom, Joss Whedon, Buffy, Serenifly, popular culture, comparative media, ComicCons, video games, piracy, and a bunch o' other stuff.

Thanks for this Quoter Gal, I still haven't found time to read it but I've bookmarked it. I really love the media studies stuff.

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