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August 03 2007

Whedonopolis covers most things Whedon related at Comic con. Including coverage of panels and interviews with people like; David Fury, Ben Englund, Mercedes McNab, and Tony Todd.

This was... what's the word I'm looking for?... oh yeah, annoying. How much do I not long to be in this writer's room ever?

WHEDONOPOLIS: "You’ll read there all about how I accidentally embarrassed him in front of his fellow writers/executive producers (Manny Coto, Evan Katz and Jon Cassar) when I mentioned how good he was at writing from the female point of view, which explains how this interview starts with me apologizing for the 16th time

DAVID: (laughs) No, don’t be silly! It was fun! The whole point of these things is for people to have fun anyway. You asked a very legitimate question that nobody in the panel could answer, but I know these guys. These guys always make fun of—they’re not cut out from the same “Buffy” fabric. These are all just men that get together and smoke cigars and talk politics… and now they’ll start talking about how well I write for women, so… (laughs) I appreciate it, it’s a great compliment; but they’re going, “Oh, wait until we get him in the writer’s room!"

I like David very much, though.

And, um, wow, Joel Silver just keeps sounding more and more appealing:

DAVID:I’d love to do a guest spot on 24, but unfortunately the executive producer and co-creator of the show, Joel Silver, specifically said he doesn’t like to have anybody from production doing any kind of guest spots."
I think that's actually Joel *Surnow* with "24" -- I can see how the mistake was made, because it does sound kind of like "Silver," but Joel Surnow is the exec on "24." I don't believe Joel Silver has anything to do with "24."
deleted due to double post.

[ edited by Shapenew on 2007-08-05 18:51 ]
Thanks, I do believe you're right, Shapenew, and it's good to know that there's something out there that Joel Silver had nothing to do with.

Although googling and learning more about Joel Surnow was not particularly... well, inspiring to this old lefty.

But now I've got my Joels straight...

(Too many Superman comics as a kid - I originally wrote that Jo-El.)

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