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August 03 2007

Happy Birthday to Andy Hallett. The Host with the most, who made us all love green celebrates his birthday today. We wish him well on this special day.

Happy birthday, Andy!
Yeah! Many happy returns, Andy!
(Numfar! Quick, do the dance of Birthday Greetings!!)
: )
Happy Birthday, Andy!
Happy Birthday,Andy. I do wish you the best of days.

Question: Did he fall off the face of the Earth? Or has anyone seen or heard about any projects that he is involved in? I ask...because I care.
Wait a minute, I was just getting used to the Moon having a face, now the Earth has one too ?

(seriously, hope his health isn't excluding him from doing stuff, if it's his choice that's cool, otherwise, We need you back on our screens - and in our ears - man !)

Happy Birthday, Mr Andrew Hallet esq. and many more. You made being green look easy, even if it wasn't ;).
Yes we really do need Andy back on the telly, he was superb in Angel and indeed Chance (which I'd recommend to anyone).
Happy birthday, Andy.
Happy birthday, Andy. We really miss you. Please take care.
Happy Birthday, Andy!!!
I dunno, actually he did a good job portraying the nuanced difficulties involved in being green, Saje, but I do know what you mean. And Lorne is one of my favorite characters ever..Happy Birthday, Andy.
Happy Birthday Mr. Hallett one day later! I am pretty sure from reliable (to my mind) reports that Mr. Hallett is okay. He is scheduled to do a convention in London toward the end of this month. I am hoping some Whedonesquers will attend and provide some news updates :)
Happy Birthiversary Andy... Lorne is my favourite Angel character by far, you did an amazing job! Hope to see more from you in the future.

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