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August 05 2007

Project Fray - the trailer. A fan interpretion of Joss' Slayer in the future story. And you know what? It's really impressive.

I came across this completely by accident. So if anyone knows anything more about this project, do let us know.

Wow, that's a random (and rather sweet) find.
Mmmm... impressed. Want more.
That's not a bad bit of work. I like the concept 'tests', especially of the rooftop scene.

And the amount of time and effort that goes into these things always impresses me.
Thanks for finding this Simon, it is really interesting. And it makes me want to reread Fray!
I want to see this movie NOW! Fray is the only not work--related-book, where I put my nose in, right now! because it's so powerful. A few pages and I feel better, and can go on with work. and the most important information in the trailer: bad day and "you can't protect anyone". Wow!
Chilling, artful and extremely evocative.
That made my day.
I really can't wait for more.
Impressive is just the word I'd use too. Surprisingly good effects for a fan video too. Looking forwards to updates on this.

If that's supposed to be Fray though, why the black hair? I expect the creator has their reasons, but I'd get more of a Fray feel with the blue/pink.
Um....that was unexpectedly, quite awesome. Want more please...
I wonder if a million sales for the Serenity Special Edition DVD can also lead to Fray: the Movie? It can be just like those Sci-Fi channel TV-movies, only with more quality. This little trailer shows it can be done.
ETA: Also amused by the name of the production company. Obviously they're South Park fans.

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The copyright for the page is 2004, so perhaps this was done some time ago? That would be too bad- it would mean that it is unlikely we would see more.
That was really good.
Not the biggest fan of Fray .... but whoa!
Very impressive for a fan work.

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