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August 06 2007

The top 25 cliffhangers of all time. From Heroes to Lost, Wizard Magazine picks the cliffhangers that sent us into "geek-spasms". And of course, there's the obligatory Buffy and Angel moments.

"Of all time" is really stretching it for a list pretty heavily weighted in favor of the last 3 seconds. I guess fogeyhood is upon me.
Cliffhangers in videogames? ???
Huh? How could they not include Babylon 5 season 3? Or The West Wing season 1? Or Pirates of the Carribean 2?

We are not amused.
Agreed. Video games? And frankly I thought there were much bigger cliffhangers during the season of Heroes than the finale.

And love it or hate it, Alias ("My name's not really Michael Vaughn"-CRASH) anyone?
or Not Fade Away.
Uh, the end of "Becoming, part 2"? That was the first time Buffy fans feared for her future. It should have at least made honorable mention.
Err, video games have stories and characters now, you guys know that right ?

A lot of those aren't choices i'd make, in fact, a lot aren't even cliff-hangars IMO. The end of Evil Dead II ? Just the end, not a cliff-hangar. Might as well claim a cliff-hangar ending for 'Army of Darkness' which also finished on a "Wow, he's so screwed" note.

The end of 'Best of Both Worlds 1' should definitely be in there (maybe even higher), great cliff-hangar. "Who shot JR ?" also good. And personally i'd put the Angel S3 ending waaay higher, one of the best cliff-hangars ever I reckon (such a horrible 'fate' too). And yep, 'Becoming 2' too.

The end of Farscape S4, huuuuge cliff-hangar, and nearly left unresolved thanks to Sci-fi.

Batman's back gets broken by Bane and the death of Superman were pretty good at the time.

'Anasazi' from the X-files, brilliant, back when the show was right at the top of its game and "Samantha in the starlight" wasn't even an evil glimmer in Chris Carter's eye.

Personally I was kind of underwhelmed by the 'Heroes' S1 finale so it didn't feel too cliff-hangarish to me (I didn't really think Peter would die and if Nathan did, well his story had come to a natural conclusion, much as I like the character).
"Cliffhangers in videogames? ???"

My only complaint about Halo being included was that the ending wasn't higher on the list. Love the story and the game, and most of the time these days, video games have incredible stories with them.

I just started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and I have to say that when I saw Capt. Picard as a Borg, my jaw dropped. In fact, I saw it on dvd and then I immediately went out and bought season 4 just to find out what happened. I couldn't believe that Riker told Worf to fire, though I know that he had to do it.

And though the last five minutes of The Gift are some of the best minutes of television ever, I would go with Two Cathedrals and the end of season 2 on The West Wing as the best Cliffhanger of all time. Brilliant episode in a brilliant season of television (the best in history if you ask me)...
I hated the sinking Angel. Hated it.

or Not Fade Away.

Am I the only, who actually don't consider that a cliffhanger?
At least, not in the complete sense...

Hard to explain, my mind works in weird ways, some times.
I can't believe they chose the cliffhanger to season 2 of BSG over season 3's. Not that was some jaw dropping televison.

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