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August 06 2007

Artwork revealed for the Angel Collector's DVD Set. There's also new details about what comes with the R1 boxset.

oooooo That will look so shiny sitting next to The Chosen Collection! btw, *kicks this server!*
Fairly similar to the UK set (which is no bad thing).

And still no mention of a bonus disk, seems like it's really just an R1 version of the existing set.
By Odin!! (trying to catch on the new catchphrase)
By the description, there's no extra disk, which as it seems might not really happen at all.
It's just the same as the R2 and also R4 (there's an Australian version as well), with a different casing.
Maybe the booklet is the extra-thing in the R1 set, can anyone who owns either the R2 or R4 versions confirm?
No, the booklet is in R4 as well.
The main selling point of this set over the region 2 or 4 sets is the price. Which suits me well :)
Yep, it's much, much cheaper.

(the booklet came with the R2 set too - assuming it's the same booklet - as did the 'Letter from Joss')

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