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August 06 2007

Nathan Fillion Signed Book - Kids Need to Read Project ... led by sci-fi author PJ Haarsma and supported by Nathan Fillion ...

One of the goals of this charitable program is to encourage active literacy in reluctant young readers. To raise funds, this program sells special packages ... and of interest to Nathan Fillion fans is a spectacular fan package including The Softwire: Virus on Orbis 1, signed by both PJ and Nathan; autographed limited edition collectorís cards and a CD featuring Nathanís awesome audio recording of the first three chapters of The Softwire.


I'm just getting the two-headed alien, background, the KNTR shield and loading...have dial up...I'll let it run tonight like a Drive episode and see if it loads.
Anony - there are HTML links at the bottom of the page that will work for you the flash content is creating a problem for dialup
Beth'll you appear to be one of the organisers of the site so you should be aware that we have a non self-linking policy at Whedonesque. In future if you want stuff that you're involved with posted here send us an email and we'll sort something out :).
Heh, guess you can take the guy out of teaching but you can't take teaching out of the guy ;).

Seems like a worthwhile project. Harry Potter's done a lot for kids reading, makes sense to capitalise on that, strike while the iron's hot.

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