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"Dear Diary, Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy... Today, we were kidnapped by hill folk never to be seen again. It was the best day ever."
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August 06 2007

A interview with Joss (via NY Post). I'm putting this under general because it covers everything. Includes in the Firefly/Serenity bit my current favorite idea: Radio.

Okay, that was a fantastic read. Thanks, bix.
Wonderful interview. Chock full of Joss-ness.
Yep, good interview.

I am really liking Joss sounding all jazzed about getting plenty of irons in the fire, his comments have a 'Take back control' sort of vibe to them. Eye of the Tiger, boss, "it matters not how strait the gate" and all that ;).
You know, I was looking forward to Joss' Wonder Woman back in the day, but now I just mostly feel for Joss reading the interviews. Good time it did not make. Whilst Joss' body of entertainment work is usually about outsiders, I can't help feeling he's an outsider in the entertainment business. Which has layers of humour.

I'm ramblin'. And wantin' Goners.
I liked what he said about Mutant Enemy for all sorts of reasons.
Great interview! I'm very excited for issue 10 now.
Yeah, Simon, the closing down of Mutant Enemy gave me a real sinking feeling. If it's coming back, that can only be good.
Yeah dreamlogic, I had felt the same way. When Mutant Enemy shut down I thought it was the end of all the Joss Whedon work I loved the best, and now hearing that it is going to be back makes me really happy.
Just this last week I was thinking how sad it was when Mutant Enemy's demise was announced, and thus most hap'ly met is news of its potential . . . resurrection? revivification? zombification?
Am I the only one who's been really giddy all these few weeks, with all the awesome interviews our purpl-ish boss-friend has been giving out there.
I was so sad when they announced that Mutant Enemy was no more, and I was just wondering the other day what Chris Buchanan was up to.
Chris B works for Zoic now, Numfar PTB. (They did the VFX on Firefly, Serenity, Drive, later Angel).
Grrr...arggg (in a good way)
Oh, look at what I just found in the Dark Horse post-con press release.
I'm glad to see Joss is finally starting to look up again and get engaged in creating stories. Eighteen months out of the loop is FOREVER in Hollywood. It shouldn't be, but the "Powers That Be" have such short attention spans. Fans don't, but then we don't have a bazillion bucks either. If we did, Joss would be doing whatever he wanted.
The unfalsebix with the unmonkeylike pic.
Numfar PTB,

"I'm giddy" too!


Yeah, Serenity radio. Start with Serenity: Those Left Behind. Then Serenity: Better Days.

Yeah, Mutant Enemy! Maybe we can get some Official licensed Mutant Enemy stuff like a super-vampire action figure/doll that goes "Grrgh Arrgh!" T-shirts "Mutant Enemy is Back!"

gossi, you got a Mutant Enemy domain ready for Joss, right?
Mutant Enemy! Yay!

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