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August 07 2007

Suzanne Brockmann gives us The Joss Report. She writes about her ComicCon/Equality Now Dinner with Joss and the winning Scoobies. " least I didn't Chris Farley all over him."

There's plenty of detail - it's 8143 words long, divided into three sections - posted on her website, where she is currently counting down to the release of her book Forces of Nature. She's posted several photos, as well.

It's riveting and pretty damn sweet. (Incidentally, it somehow it pleased me to see Joss' assistant Michael B. get some mention - this guy pulled the whole dinner-auction thing together fast.) And by the way, she knows the plot of Cabin in the Woods, but don't even try getting her to spill... her lips are sealed.

Some people might especially enjoy reading this: "I really am sorry about Tara ," he tells me when I look back to give him one last smile. "I wanted her to come back."

Thank you, Suzanne (I know you're out there somewhere, peeking over here to see), that was awesome.
That is a really wonderful report, I feel like I was a fly on the wall.... Thank you Suzanne!
That report just made me cry like a little girl. I think Suzanne just sold me a couple books. :)
That was a really great read. Thanks so very much, Suzanne.
A million thanks to Suzanne, and to Quoter Gal for the link. Going off to die of envy now :)
That sounds like it was a really great evening and I only wish I could have been there.
What a brilliant account, rather than just relating the order of events it also conveys what it must've felt like to actually be there.

Thank-you very much Ms Brockmann, if you're reading ;).

(and to everyone else - including The Purple Dinner-Meister himself - that made it sound like such a worthwhile once-in-a-lifetime event to be envious about ;)
Truly excellent - we must send a professional author to all Joss related events in future. Very evocative.
The server has been on the butterscotch schnapps again...

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Thanks so much Suzanne for taking a little piece of your life and popping it down into words.

I was really moved by reading your dedication to your son, and being hearing impaired myself, have nothing but admiration for those that live with us and our constant refrain of "Pardon?" and "What was that?"!

I'm SO glad that this dinner not only raised money for a GREAT cause, but was also fun for all involved!

NB- DAMN this server!!!!!
It is wonderful when these things live up to expectations.
Thank you for your genuinely thrilling account, Suzanne Brockmann.
And thanks QuoterGal for posting it.
The server has been on the butterscotch schnapps again...

I'd be less cranky about it if it could share....
FYI, it's not the server. Our own scripts need updating because our host upgraded some server software. So far, Milo hasn't had the time to see what needs to be done. We apologise for the inconvenience.
Many many thanks QuoterGal for posting! A wonderful account, and it really captures what I think so many people connect to with Joss and his work--the man is truly genuine.
Excellent, excellent account. Both of what sounds like an amazing night with a great group, and of what Joss fandom feels like. I've added it to my Favorite Sites.
Beautifully told, from pre-auction to pre-dinner to the dinner itself. I laughed, I cried ... yes, really, I did! I'm so easy. ;) And for some reason I was so proud she didn't do a Chris Farley. Perhaps it's fan solidarity: when another fan acquits herself so well, we all cherish the hope that we would rise to the occasion too. But if I ever meet The Great One, I foresee drooling, and possibly a witty "Nnnngggggggg".

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What a great write-up! Thanks Suzanne Brockmann!

I am so tickled that one of my favorite authors loves Joss' stuff. I found her account so open and personal, and blessedly detailed as well as wonderfully conversational in style. Seriously vicarious enjoyment here of the Jossiness, but I also felt kinda like I just met another cool Whedonite/Browncoat (hey they're all cool right?) I'd happily lift a glass with, and chat through the night. If you haven't read any of her books, consider checking them out--strong characters, page turning action, humor. And I concur with Suz: "Burn Notice" is a great show, and hey Bruce Campbell.
She is such a fangirl! I love her!

*heading off to check out some of her books*
Thanks, QuoterGal, for posting this and for Suzanne for writing such a detailed report that made me feel (almost) as if I had been in the room. As ThereUR said, it's great when you find out that one of your favourite authors is a fan of one of your favourite people.

I'm looking forward to her new book.
That was amazing to read!!! It got me all emotional!! It's the geeky fangirl in me! ;) Thx for sharing this w/ us!
Oh Suz Brockmann, how can I thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with Joss Whedon and the other dinner guests.

I started reading the account earlier today at work and had to stop because I was tearing up so much. You not only beautifully expressed what it is like to discover Joss' work and then experience the totality of it, but I felt as though I were there with you meeting him, going through the dinner with him.

Really, just lovely. Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing it.
FYI, it's not the server. Our own scripts need updating because our host upgraded some server software. So far, Milo hasn't had the time to see what needs to be done. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Caroline, you don't have to apologize to me or other Whedonesquers for squat, but remember that the Grr...Arg message sends everyone to the status thread on, where you haven't posted since August 1. With all the activity, there are probably a lot of journalists thinking it's gone bust.

ETA: Oh, and yes, I read and loved every word of Suz's account of the dream dinner.

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I wonder if anyone sees comments that are posted late.
I'm grateful for this account, but I was curious about the comment that Joss and Kai made a different choice in regard to the surname for their children. Does anyone know what that was?
Also, I've always wanted to know more about Kai. I wish there was a long interview with her somewhere...
Yes, we see the comments, if we use the "Recent Comments" function and are naturally curious... as I am.

I don't know what that name-choice was, though one can speculate - but then, in a way, I've always been glad that we know so little about their children... I like to think of them as safely out of the public eye, as much as possible...

I would love to know more about Kai, but I've always assumed that she keeps a pretty low profile, not that she isn't sought after, though I could be wrong... but here is a wonderful picture of her with a koala bear (;>).
Thanks, QuoterGal. And that bitty site is just bizarre.

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