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August 07 2007

No. 2 "It makes you tingly." No. 27 "Whistling innocently". No. 27 (which is in the comments) makes me think maybe that is the one of the reasons the DVD was pushed back from July to August.

That's it that's it that's it!!!! I give in! I was on the fence, although the DVD was sitting in my shopping cart at Amazon. I have officially gone from "I'm not sure... I have it already" to "I am getting this."

(Wow. The site is letting me on. That's unusual these days!)

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20. Brand. New. Cast. Commentary. Joss, Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau, and Ron Glass talking about our favorite movie. Face it, this is a good enough reason all by itself.

Yep, agreed. Think i've got most of the rest of the extra content but the commentary (and the packaging) makes it worthwhile for me. And it'll be nice to be able to watch the Tam Sessions on the telly.

Gonna miss the Llama though.
Someone "borrowed" my original DVD of "Serenity" and has never returned it, so I guess I'll have to get a new one.
Oh seriously, I was on the fence as well and my boyfriend, who also loves Firefly, was like "you're spending money on something you already have?" but commentaries are shiny.

They had me at "oddly."
Now if some of the proceeds were donated to so they could upgrade their 286 webserver, then we'd be talking ;)
Hilarious stuff... I love #7 , cover art, 11th hour's is the best, ths distant second, and #11, different cut is hilarious...and book-Inara shippers? do they even exist? lol. #19 re patriotic duty hehe I love it. Very clever I should paste this to a wall somewhere.
Pumps, literally, we'd be talking, because it took me about 10 tries throughout the day to see the links!

Whats somewhat ironic is that it took 4 tries to get to posting this.

I agree that the cover art is much better.
Pumps | August 08, 20:59 CET
Now if some of the proceeds were donated to so they could upgrade their 286 webserver, then we'd be talking ;)


If you go back to the home page here, you will see a lovely picture of the Serenity Collector's Edition on the right side. If you use that link to purchase the DVD, Amazon sends a couple of pennies to this very website. Same with the other Amazon link pics on this page. Maybe some of the other ads too. I know the Amazon stuff is that way.
I've done it... I've hit "Send" or "Order" or whatever that button on Amazon is.

And I seem to be able to get on the site no problem now. And there's a Wee Little Puppet Man icon on my RSS feed now!

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