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August 08 2007

Nathan Fillion on his return to "One Life To Live". "It was important for me to go back to where I got my start". And he'll be appearing on the soap next week.

Thanks, Simon, for finding this. Fans have reported reading it in the TV Guide but now we have a link to spread the news.

two-day stint (airing Aug. 16 and 17)

Whoo-hoo, he was only supposed to be on the 10,000 episode! So Nathan is going to be on the 9,999 and 10,000 episode.

Also episodes replay at night on the SoapNet cable channel

Go to this website to see if you have this cable channel

I'm hoping Universal advertises the Serenity Collector's Edition DVD. It could happen you know...maybe. I'll be taping and watching and hoping not to get addicted...I've heard soap operas can be addicting. Don't think it will be much of a problem since Nathan won't be on the 10,001 episode.

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Hah. I'll watch this for Nathan, and for old time's sake, when I used to watch OLTL almost always, and then occasionally, until it dwindled into never - but always on the sly... and I'll watch it for Asa Buchanan, about 250 years old, and who my partner and I pretended was Armenian, like my partner, and named "Buchanian." Bye-bye, Asa...

Nathan played the Joey having an affair with Dorian, which drove Viki mad (again), as I recall. I saw it again recently when I was home sick during the day, but I was lost...

(Isn't the server behaving beeeeeaaaauuutifully, now...)

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