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August 08 2007

(SPOILER) Joss on Robot Chicken? Michael Ausiello reports that Joss will lend his voice to season 3 of Robot Chicken. (scroll down)

There is an interesting DH spoiler down at the very bottom of the page that is interesting to those who like to speculate. hmmmmm.
Cool on Joss doing "Robot Chicken." Hoping Nathan isn't playing the referenced male character. Extremely cool if "Lost" casts Kristen Bell.
So very cool. Joss can do voices and accents and stuff, and I think - when he talks slowly - his natural voice is just lurvely...

(God, at the mo, we posters must be a hardy breed of we few...)
It's a feature-not-bug. Puts people off upgrades, which is a good thing, given how much of a nightmare they always are.

God, at the mo, we posters must be a hardy breed of we few...)

... we happy few, we band of button-multiple-pressers. Storming a breach ? Pfft. You wanna try several "Grrr ... Aaaarghs" in a row, that'll test yer mettle, ya wusses ! 15th century soldiers ? Didn't know they were bloody born, tellin' ya ...

And for gods' sakes Joss, make a note of who you lend it to, the amount of times i've lent something, forgotten and just never had it back ...
But would Joss fit on a chicken? Wouldn't it have to be a very big chicken?
Or just very strong. It is a robot chicken after all, they're made from captured alien technology (I think).
We've put a temporary fix in place and Milo should be making some more permanent changes soon. Please advise if its behaving better for you today :)

p.s. - Robot Chickens are built on mad scientist technology :)

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2007-08-09 16:20 ]
Mad alien scientists ?

(and yeah, the site's being much nicer today, cheers Milo/fixer-uppers, you script/fixer-up the best ;)

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