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August 08 2007

IGN TV's One on One with Nathan Fillion. The actor talks about moving in with the Desperate Housewives, working with Whedon and telling stories.

Boo, Nathan. I want Joss working on Joss Whedon original ideas and scripts only. Stop using your manly wiles to tempt him into doing that western. And if he does decide to do it, there darn sure better be vampires or something.
...damn it...arggg

somebody fix the website, please.
What a kerfuffle !

I lived the best life a fan could live. I was The Captain.

Fella, you still are. Shit like that don't just rub off ;).
I saw 19 posts listed so I assumed that a lively debate had begun, I had no idea it was just kerfuffle on repeat....
Hopefully that clears things up and we apologize for creating confusion while we were going for clarity.

I hope Nathan saw that and feels a sense of relief. He was an honorable person to feel uncomfortably misquoted and to say so at his blog. Love the way that boy talks about things. Heartwarming.
It was nice and professional to clarity that thing. All works out in the end.

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