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August 08 2007

(SPOILER) More info on Joss' next Office episode. He's tentatively scheduled to direct it in October, as rumored on the E! site.

That will be fun! And fits in with his vow to give us more stuff, faster. Am I ungrateful to wish it was his stuff?
Unless we're talking a third episode, this has been reported on here before.
This site still has hiccups.

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The only reason I posted this story was because of the tentative date for Joss directing the episode, which I don't think had been posted before. If I'm wrong, then this should definitely be deleted.
It's fine, I'll just tweak the headline to reflect the new info.
It's a good thing he's getting back to television before we all start getting old and dying off!
It's seems that the Black is slowly coming back to form (hope I don't jinx it by writing this).

Great news, if we're lucky it'll be one of those full hour episodes that NBC has slated for this season of The Office.

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