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August 08 2007

UK Release Date for The Air I Breathe. "The Air I Breathe" is possibly being released in the UK on December 14th. Hopefully we will learn of a North American release date soon.

It looks like James Marsters' film "PS: I Love You" will be released a week later.

Looking forward to seeing both films when they come out.

Thanks to Valmont, Eleagold, and Daphne Blake from smgfan.

I'm really looking forward to "The Air I Breathe". It seems like such a great role for Sarah. And even if she wasn't in this film, I'd want to see it for the cast alone.

Don't movies usually come out in the US first? If that's the case, my guess would be TAIB will open in the US in November. At least I hope. :)
Yep usually though not always.

If it's a UK made film e.g. 'Hot Fuzz' or if there's a lot of other stuff on the US release schedule they'll sometimes play around a bit (and some films released in the UK don't even get a US theatrical release like e.g. 'White Noise 2: Whiter, Noisier, Nathanier').

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