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August 08 2007

Tony Head guest stars in BBC America's "Hotel Babylon". Our favorite watcher gets a mention towards the bottom of the page.

Not much in the article about the role itself. Consequently, this is the first time I've actually posted something here. May the mods not strike me down for my bumbling stupidity. ;)

A highly recommended series. I just finished watching season 2. With Hotel Babylon, Life on Mars and Doctor Who British TV has never been so cool.

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I tweaked your headline a tincy wincy bit so our British posters (well me) wouldn't get confused. I've never watched the show but I gather its good trashy fun.
Comes squarely under the heading of "guilty pleasure" and played very much tongue-in-cheek. 1st series (season) definitely better than the first but the second's still good fun.
BBC America is the fastes growing cabel channel in the US. Not hard to see why.That US viewers have to wait untill AFTER christmas for Life on Mars series 2 is a crime!!

Speaking of Tony Head and BBC.
BBC America co-produced Jekyll that just wrapped up in the UK and started in the US last week. With ex-WB head honcho Garth Ancier now being in charge of BBC America, can one guess he might be interested in adding some money towards a Ripper movie??

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Life on Mars was a great show, loved both series and refused to wait for them to air here *cough, wink*. Looking forward to the follow-on series, Ashes to Ashes, also loved seeing John Simm on Doctor Who :) LOVED Jekyll as well, which US viewers should now be enjoying.
Can't wait for Torchwood, new Spooks/MI-5 episodes and new Murphy's Law stuff.
Torchwood...*drool* ;)

Uhh, moving on. Has anyone watched Hex? I saw an ad for that somewhere and was wondering about it.
Blerg, deepgirl187. When Hex started, I liked it, but then not so much. It shoulda been better, but then it all went sour.

Here's an earlier Hex/whedonesque thread.

I watched a Hotel Babylon last night, and it was classic trashy guilty pleasure. It reminded me of my early days working in a hotel, where stuff like that there really does go on and I should know. :> I'll watch ASH's episode.

Life on Mars was hoo-yeah-daddy!, I thought.

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