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August 09 2007

Firefly eight-episode marathon running on Scifi. The Scifi Channel is airing Safe, OMR, Ariel, War Stories, Trash, The Message, HoG and OiS tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. May be a good opportunity for newbies without the DVDs to set their DVRs!

Just set the DVR to record them all.. and I plan to be a good little monkey and watch the commercials too :)

If my mom wasn't in town I'd watch it all in real time.
That was my first exposure to 'Firefly', a Sci-Fi (UK) marathon. I was lucky enough to turn-over a little way into 'Serenity Pt 1' (they showed them in the DVD order), saw the blurb which said something like "Smashing sci-fi adventure by Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and never looked back (watched the first 6 or 7 episodes on the Saturday and the rest on the Sunday).

The only problem was, Sci-Fi hadn't started the '+1' channel yet, so I had to wait until the DVDs arrived before I saw the first 20 minutes or so. Hopping from foot to foot waiting on the Amazon delivery person (or 'postman' as others call them ;).
My first exposure to Firefly was during a SciFi ( USA ) marathon as well. I was hooked within the first 30 seconds. I've loved scifi all my life and Firefly tapped into something my mind knew was missing, I'd just not been able to name it. Only Joss and crew could have brought me that. 'Course the movie was soon to follow on the big screen in September and I was there in a seat opening night! Took my daughter and Mom with me and they're hooked too.

I was waiting for the start of the new SG-1 season... best thing that's ever happened to me while waiting. ;)
Keep an eye out for ads for the Collector's Edition, which I would suspect Universal Home Entertainment would place during this.
I wasn't even going to bother seeing Serenity in theatres; I figured I'd wait for DVD or something if it was any good. Sci-fi happened to be showing a Firefly marathon the day before it came out, though, so I turned it on to see what all the fuss was about. 4 hours later I was eating dinner in front of the TV. The next day, I saw Serenity and dragged a friend along, too. Good stuff.
It would be a nice and courteous thing if folks would e-mail Sci/Fi during or after the Marathon and Thank them. If you'd like to do that, the address is :)
Commercials! Yes, I'm hoping for some Serenity Collector's Edtion commercials. Also during the 9,999 and 10,000 epiosde of One Life to Life (8/16/2007 and 8/17/2007) It could happen!
What, no 'Out of Gas'?? Blasphemous! But it's still cool that they're showing them at all...
Well, I'll thank them, but to include "Heart of Gold" in this grab-bag instead of either "Jaynestown" (funnier) or "Out of Gas" (better all round) is just...inexplicable. Or, rather, I can think of explanations, but they aren't pretty. Nevertheless, all Firefly is good Firefly!
I missed Firefly on Fox (though I had this friend you kept pounding me about watching - I still kick myself for not) The summer before Serenity (which I had told myself I'd see just because my friend was so high on Firefly) Sci-Fi ran Firefly on Friday nights. What a good way to get ready for this movie I thought and we (my wife and I who Ė no shocker Ė would leave me high and dry for Captain Reynolds) spent our Saturday mornings (Iím a musician so I'm never home on Friday nights - thank God for Tivo) watching the Firefly series. This lasted 2 weeks and I couldn't stand only seeing one episode a week so I bought the DVDís and finished up the series in a day... to say I fell in love it an understatement. THANK YOU SCI-FI! Here's to those that will today find that new love for the first time! (oh and sorry for all the parenthesis)
I'm watching the Marathon right now. So far, no sign of a Serenity CE Commercial. I've e-mailed the Universal DVD contact adress and mentioned that permaybehaps they could try to Advertise a bit this time around. Can't hurt; either them doing it, or us asking them to. :)
Ahhh...sweetest soundin' words on TV today, "Next on Sci-Fi...Firefly." Delightful.
"What'd y'all order a dead guy for?"


That reminds me, it's been way too long since I've marathoned it my ownself. *foresees DVD Firely marathon in the very near future*
Me too, Cabri...I'm catching the end of HoG and I'm DVRing the marathon but I can see a weekend soon when I go from first ep to last and I'm sure I'm going to feel the same thing I feel every time. Why oh why isn't there more?
Heck, I have them on DVD and I'm still watching the marathon. lol. Because I'm a little lazy and don't have to change the disks this way. Bwah.
If you want to check out the advertisers, I've started posting them at post on advertisers on Firefly marathon Websites included. Give them a look see!

Here is a prize someone could win
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Anybody else wonder if the Flash Gordon writers/whomever saw Serenity?

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This is so sweet. Revisiting this terrific show is just candy. I need to do it more often. I'm eschewing all my usual viewing today, and it's so worth it. My heart catches in my throat whenever I glimpse a forgotten moment. It's the little things that always get me with Firefly. "Don't tell 'em what I done." - Jayne experiencing for probably the first time what gratitude from others feels like, and not wanting to ruin it for them. Or himself. So great.

The end of The Message had me crying harder than ever. What a beautiful, melancholy scene.

And YoSaffBridge - what a great character. I'd forgotten how much I like her.
"Are you Alliance?"

"Am I a lion? I donít think of myself as a lion. Might as well though. I do have a mighty roar."

One of my favorite exchanges of all time!

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