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August 09 2007

Nathan Fillion's movie Waitress opens this Friday in the UK. If you ever meet Nathan Fillion at a convention, don't ya want to be able to say you saw a Romance/Comedy movie because of him and it was great!

This movie is worth the travel time/cost to find it.

Waitress still in US theaters 15th week! 100 days! $18,627,530 Box Office Gross.

That brings up an interesting question. If I were an actor, would I rather someone came to me and say they saw a movie because I was in it, and I did a really good job, or would I rather someone come up and say they just happened to see a movie with me in it and I did a really good job?

Maybe the compliment would be equal but I think it seems like the first person would be less of a genuine compliment because they went to the movie for me.

I'm really bored today and am over-analysing everything so someone slap me if neccesary. :P

I am not going to slap you. Here have an unconditional hug. You know like in the movie Waitress.

And you know, Superrodan, that sounds like an very interesting question to ask Nathan at a convention.

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I haven't yet seen Waitress. They only showed it for one showtime when it was around me, and it was always before I got out of work. :(

But I'll take that hug. Also, I'll offer you a "I'm-bored-so-here's-a-pie" Pie.
I saw Waitress, thought it was very cute and quirky, REALLY wanted pie after that...

Thanks for the pie.
I saw Waitress, thought it was very cute and quirky, REALLY wanted pie after that...

HelloSpooky | August 10, 03:55 CET

I saw Waitress, thought it was very cute and quirky, REALLY wanted Dr. Pommater after that...

...but pie's good too!

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REALLY wanted Dr. Pommater after that...

I was going to say that!

Now everyone wants Nathan as their gynecologist.
I don't!! But I definitely would take dr. pommater over a pie.
Lucky me, one of the theatres where I saw it had a pie shop just the other side of the parking lot. At the other theatre, I had to walk a whole 3 blocks! Sheer torture... ;-D

And I just wanted to note, I get a thrill every time I hit Preview and it actually previews!! So many gems of cabri eloquence were lost during our time of trial. Odd that the eloquence dried up just as the site returned to normal...
See Waitress; learn how to give an unconditional hug. Might come in handy one day.
Interestingly, I've seen 2 trailers for this at my local cinema, there's a Waitress stand with Fillion on it, a Waitress poster with Fillion on it, and I've seen a TV advert with Fillion all over it.
Not seen any TV spots, posters or trailers but it's on at my local multiplex so it seems to be a standard nationwide release.

And *slaps Superrodan* - because it's important to have a balance ;-).

(also, since I haven't seen it yet, I haven't learned about the "unconditional hug", looking forward to the opportunity for growth ;)
Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian reluctantly concludes that it's rubbish:
Writer, performer and director Adrienne Shelly died last year in New York City at the age of 40, murdered by an itinerant construction worker. It was a horrible, arbitrary end to her fruitful creative life, and her long and honourable contribution to US independent cinema, notably in collaboration with Hal Hartley. So it's painful, to say the least, to report that her final film is completely terrible: sentimental, sickly-sweet, with chillingly reactionary overtones and a fatuously naive approach to spousal abuse. You've heard of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. This is My Big Thin White Abusive Marriage.

So cranky, and so unaware of a movie's charm....okay, I admit, Waitress didn't WOW me. But so few movies actually, really, WOW me that I concede that this is a nice, quirky movie that sticks with you, and that is more than I can say for the majority of romantic comedies out there.

Someone needs an unconditional hug...or an unconditional slap.

[ edited by HelloSpooky on 2007-08-10 13:31 ]
Waitress is sentimental and sweet, and the husband is portrayed a little stereotypically. The movie is as light as meringue. BUT it is charming, and Nathan is delightful, and there are far worse ways to spend one's time. I've had people who didn't know anything about my Whedon-verse obsessions who have come up to me and said, "Oh, you've got to see Waitress!"

Epic filmmaking it's not, but you certainly want pie afterwards.
I saw Waitress and I was definitely wowed: I loved all the performances (and I'm still hoping that sentimental favorite Andy Griffith might get an Oscar nomination) and I loved the humor. Frankly I didn't find the spousal abuse over-the-top, and I left the theater wanting pie and Nathan Fillion Dr. Pommater.
"a fatuously naive approach to spousal abuse"

That's an interesting comment by the critic. I spent a lot of time doing volunteer work for a domestic violence support services agency after getting out of my own abusive relationship and was surprised at how well Shelly's writing and Russell's portrayal nailed how abusive relationships often function in practice. Earl wasn't constantly kicking the crap out of Jenna because he didn't have to. His actual physical violence directed at her was rather sparse, but the periodic shows of force (e.g., shouting, throwing furniture around, publicly humiliating her) when combined with her total financial dependence on him were plenty enough to get Jenna to submit to Earl's will. So much about their interpersonal dynamic rang true to me that I'm confused about what the reviewer found "naive." *shrugs*
I want to go see this but I would probably need to travel about 20 miles to my nearest big city as nowhere nearby is showing it :(

Hopefully, it will spread to other theaters. The farthest I drove to see Waitress was an hour. I was so scared it wasn't going to come closer. It EVENTUALLY came within 20 minutes. Now it is gone from my area. :( It all depends on theaters picking up the movie. Ask at your theaters. Maybe they will get on the list. Or maybe you will find out that this is your only chance.

I drove 3 hours to see the Can't Stop the Serenity screening in 2006 and 2007.
BrewBunny, I too found Earl's abuse very realistic, not at all naive like the critic commented. Since when is abuse all about bruises and broken furniture? There is plenty of emotional abuse, whether it is name-calling or public humiliation. And for what it is worth, Earl was not a terribly redeeming character, nor should he be, and Jeremy Sisto made him just a little scary.
gossi | August 10, 10:43 CET
there's a Waitress stand with Fillion on it, a Waitress poster with Fillion on it, and I've seen a TV advert with Fillion all over it.


The US poster only has Keri Russell on it. And the little art theater I first saw it in had large window clings with Keri Russell on it on their doors. You would never know Nathan was in the movie. All the other theaters had only Keri Russell Waitress poster. Only ads I saw were on cable channels. Nathan was in it for a bit.

If you hear of any place selling the poster with Nathan on it, I am sure the Nathan Appreciators over at would love to know.

I just checked and they don't have it yet.

Anybody know the theater counts? Waitress started in the US at 4 theaters. Highest it ever got was 707 theaters.

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Well, it's at least on 16 of the Cineworld chain and 9 Odeon cinemas, no idea about number of screens.
And when Mark Kermode reviewed it on BBC5, he remembered and mentioned Serenity.
My husband and I saw it, loved it, and got free and very yummy mini-pies after it! (We saw one of the advance screenings in the US.)
Hey, I didn't get pie at my advanced screening! *pout*

Fabulous movie.

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